The Spirit of the Lord is upon me
-Luke 4:14-21

So many folks were incredibly disappointed to have missed the music and the readings last week due to our technical difficulties. However, not being able to hear Bishop Jack McKelvey's sermon left us very sad.
Well, do not despair. This retired bishop is returning to Christ Trinity this week to preach and preside! We have also been working on ironing out our technical broadcast issues and we think we are good to go.
A dedicated volunteer will be manning the broadcast production and another volunteer will be on site monitoring the livestream and communicating important updates. Please bear with us as we learn how to use our new equipment and adapt to being one camera down.

The Gospel reading for Sunday is Luke 4:14-21.
Come let this scripture be fulfilled in your hearing.
We look forward to welcoming the Rev. Betsy Fisher, who will preside at Christ Trinity Church on January 30th.
A sneak peak at what is coming to our Parish Hall next month.
Our Annual Meeting is February 13th after worship. More information on that coming soon.

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