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This month we are highlighting MTC member IPS - Integrated Project Services, LLC, an EPCMV firm with offices in Germantown. IPS has built several life sciences facilities and laboratories around the region, including a recent build for fellow member United Therapeutics. As we say here at MTC and MDLS, Maryland moves forward when members work together!

IPS is a perfect example of the tremendous industry growth taking place around the state, and in particular, up and down the I-270 corridor. Their experience building GMP-compliant lab facilities has earned IPS multiple accolades for their work.


IPS on Why It’s Better Here

By Alex Keown

David Johnson, Project Director with IPS - Integrated Project Services, LLC, one of the country's fastest growing EPCMV companies, called Maryland "one of the most exciting places to do business" these days.

Pointing to the massive growth across the state's life sciences sector, Johnson said it is "exciting and reassuring" to witness the amount of work being conducted within the state's borders, particularly along the I-270 corridor. He said that growth, which IPS has supported in multiple ways. It is largely due to the efforts of the leadership within the industry, as well as the significant support provided by state and local government executives who have improved conditions of conducting business within Maryland.

David Johnson

Project Director

IPS - Integrated Project Services, LLC

"The concentration of life sciences that Maryland has created has really made this a special place," Johnson said. "The talent and the workforce along the 270 corridor is unique and makes this an attractive place for many companies."

As a firm focused on providing architectural, engineering, and construction services to clients, Johnson said IPS has worked with a significant number of life sciences companies in the state and looks forward to continue meeting the needs of the industry. Founded in 1989, Pennsylvania-based IPS opened its Germantown office in 2016 and quickly became an integral part of the ecosystem's growth, helping companies build and expand facilities. With its mantra of "knowledge, skill & passion," IPS has been able to become a key player in the growth of Maryland, as well as the rest of the Biocapital region.

Because IPS employs numerous subject matter experts who are capable of supporting clients with the latest technology, Johnson said that it provides the company with the "experience and forethought" to guide a design project from beginning to end. One of the key projects IPS has been involved with is the expansion of the commercial manufacturing facilities of United Therapeutics in Silver Springs. The work IPS conducted for United Therapeutics included the design/build of a new commercial-scale GMP manufacturing facility. 

In order to meet the need of United Therapeutics, the IPS project team came up with a novel design plan that allowed the company to build up, rather than out, to maximize space. To address the company's needs, IPS designed the expanded space around the processes employed by United Therapeutics. Although there were some challenges to the construction project, primarily with utilities, the IPS team was able to respond accordingly and overcome those obstacles. 

Johnson said the completed project is an example of the team's abilities, and the build earned IPS a facility of the year award. In addition, IPS won the ENR MidAtlantic Best Projects award in manufacturing and the 2020 ISPE FOYA for Social Impact.

When working with clients, large or small, Johnson said IPS ensures that the client's priorities, large or small, will be met in a timely manner. Before a project begins, he noted they maintain a clear line of communication with the clients to mitigate any surprises that may pop up. Communication is key. Johnson said they establish clear goals and end-user expectations.

"Our expertise in the industry gives us the ability to tailor the needs of the clients. But, when it comes to what we do, clients don't know what they don't know, and that's why they bring in someone like IPS who can come in early on and establish the expectations, so the goals are met. Without that communication, people can be dissatisfied, and we want people to say 'you guys nailed it,'" he said.

And that's what IPS is doing in Maryland and elsewhere. Johnson said the company is excited to continue supporting the growth of the state's life sciences ecosystem.

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