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January News
Wishing you and our farmworkers a safer, healthier new year
We wish everyone a healthy new year. With your support, we work to make 2021 a better year for our migrant and seasonal farmworkers, who enabled our holiday meals at great personal risk to themselves and their families.

Thank you for your support and contributions!
In memoriam:
Michigan farmworkers lost in 2020
We say goodbye to 2020, a very somber year full of urgency, grief, and tragedies among our Michigan farmworker families. We continue to work with families who have lost loved ones due to workplace COVID-19 outbreaks or other illnesses that occurred on the job.
MDHHS reports that the preliminary schedule to vaccinate agricultural workers is May, 2021. “This guidance may change as information evolves and more vaccine types become available,” the MDHHS said in airing the schedule January 6, 2021.
Congratulations Molly!
Molly Spaak, our esteemed outreach law clerk has a new title. She is officially a licensed attorney! Congratulations on your accomplishment Molly. We are so proud of all your hard work, and we are not at all envious that you are the favorite staff member among many of our clients.
United Against COVID-19 Project
Unidos Contra el COVID-19!
Migrant and seasonal farmworkers and their children have a right to the highest standard of health. Unfortunately, many cannot attain this due to social determinants beyond their control.

MLA has launched its Unidos Contra el Covid-19 program for 2021, aimed at helping food producers and their employees improve COVID19 understanding, safety, and communications at work; and, to enhance distribution, acceptance and access to the vaccine for essential food workers.

MLA coordinates with the Kent County Health Department on this project. If you are a food producer in Kent County and are interested in our cross-cultural, peer-to-peer educational program for your workforce, please contact Mbennett@MigrantLegalAid.org.

We thank our clients and client-board member for informing our United Against COVID-19 initiatives.
COVID-19 has made farm workers even more vulnerable
Farm workers have long labored to put food on millions of Americans' tables- and many now face a new set of vulnerabilities due to COVID-19, says the leader of the nation's largest farm workers union. Read more
"Farm workers often tell me that they feel disposable,' says Teresa Romero, president of United Farm Workers.
Fair Food Pledge- helping to eliminate exploitation in the food supply chain.
We would like to welcome our newest Fair Food Pledge member, Cellar Door Artisan Preserves.

Thank you so much for your support!

Question of the month
How many retail locations participate with the Fair Food Project of Migrant Legal Aid?

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