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July, 2019 - In This Issue:
Gogo Business Aviation 's internet connectivity products designed for light jets and turboprops put you in control.
Gogo offers an array of  affordable, powerful connectivity  solutions specifically designed for light jets and turboprops - including Gogo AVANCE SCS and an upgrade path for future enhancements. From  in-flight Internet and email , to  personal smartphone use (for calls and texting), as well as unleashing the full potential of  cockpit apps , Gogo provides inflight connectivity  for owners, operators, passengers and pilots

Gogo AVANCE SCS  includes multi-bearer data and voice management for Gogo systems, Iridium and other satellite services, along with  Gogo Vision - a leading  inflight entertainment and information service delivering the latest Hollywood movies, hit TV programs, magazines, business news in seven languages. 

Gogo Business Aviation 's solutions also add to the value of an aircraft because those equipped with Wi-Fi fetch a higher resale price. It's an investment that is proven to pay in the short and long term. With specially designed Wi-Fi systems for light jets and turboprops the equipment is small and light so it does not have an impact on aircraft performance. It's smart and gives everyone on board the control and freedom that comes with Wi-Fi and, importantly, is affordable with hourly fixed plans that make budgeting easy.

Gogo Business Aviation brings the internet to the sky so planes fly smarter, airlines perform better and passengers travel happier. With affordably priced equipment and hourly data plans, no matter what your budget, affordable connectivity is within reach. Indeed Internet in the air is so useful we'd not be surprised to see these BizAv solutions in use in touring aircraft very soon - and  now this technology is available throughout Europe from Adams Aviation.
LED now cheaper than a traditional Strobe unit,  saves  you weight  and you don't need a separate Power Supply!

For almost 70 years, Whelen Aircraft Technologies (WAT) has been synonymous with lighting in  many different industries  including aviation. At the forefront of innovative designs their Orion range cements that position.
Incorporating the latest state-of-the-art LED  technology available, in an all-inclusive package , the Orion-series is quite simply the brightest  form of LED lighting available. They're flush mountable for a wide variety of applications, with minimal integration  and  many WAT LEDs are simply plug-and-play for legacy Whelen and Grimes units!
Offering a long life  and a low current draw , they are lighter, brighter and vibration resistant , providing a performance you can trust - and all without the need for a separate Power Supply!


Chroma™ Series LED Position Lights now STC APPROVED!

Whelen's LED Bulbs are standard fit  and meet all FAR requirements for Chromaticity, Intensity and Coverage and reduce current draw by 85% . They also come with a 5-Year Warranty , and 10,000 hour operating life!

Do you want to go flying but are 
waiting for cylinders?

With well over 100,000 currently in service around the world and millions of flight hours behind them, Superior's Millennium Cylinders® are without question, the most popular FAA-approved, PMA aftermarket cylinders in all of general aviation - and are available from our stock!

Millennium Cylinders® have the best warranty in the business - 37 months - 
which will cover 3 of your annuals.

Millennium Cylinders® are not outsourced to 3rd party manufacturers - Superior  owns the factory,  so it gives them control of the manufacturing process from beginning to end.

Features include:
Advanced Aluminium Alloy Heads * Increased Port Wall Thickness *  Improved Cooling * Very High Quality Casting * Through Hardened Steel Barrels *  Advanced Cylinder Barrel Choke * Volumetrically Matched Ports

Learn more   about their 
by clicking HERE!

FAA/PMA approved parts are fully certified for use in your aircraft engine.
Refer to FAA Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin NE-08-40 HERE.

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