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November 18, 2020
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"We Choose It."
Rev. David Wynn

I was speaking this past Sunday to the upcoming COVID holiday season and how challenging it will be and the feelings it will conjure up...things like loneliness, grief, anger, fear...when from somewhere in the congregation (you know who you are) I heard "Thankfulness". All right Barb, you got me. Gratitude has not been my go to orientation recently. Being called out helped :-). We can get stuck in a lack of gratitude for lots of good reasons...things are worrisome and we are wired to worry. Let's talk about perspective, choice, and strategies for gratitude this Sunday!
Agape' has suspended in-person worship!
Suspending In-Person Services
Rev. David Wynn

Early this morning I instigated a conversation with your Board of Directors regarding the surge of COVID 19 cases in Tarrant County. We continue to break records for new cases and hospitalizations which strains critical medical equipment and supplies of personal protective equipment.  

The protocol that Metropolitan Community Churches and specifically the Board of Directors of Agape MCC have in place come from the Centers for Disease Control and state that under these conditions we will suspend in-person services for the health and protection of our community and the wider community. The Board of Directors has instructed that we suspend services beginning this Sunday.  

It is, as always, the right thing to do and simultaneously heartbreaking. It has been such a gift to see your faces these last few weeks AND we want to make sure that when we get to the other side of this pandemic we will all still be in the room together.  

I would encourage you to participate in our Wednesday Zoom call this week for further discussion about what we need as a community during this stressful and challenging time. 

If you are in need of pastoral care or just need to talk, email me at We are going to need to tap into Spirit's inspiration, knowledge, and direction. Things keep transforming and we are well equipped to flow within it. We've got this because we've got God and each other.  
Scheduled Events

LGBTQ SAVES and Agape Metropolitan Community Church will be hosting a virtual observance of Transgender Day of Remembrance November 20, 2020.

The virtual memorial service will begin at 7:00pm via Facebook Live on the LGBTQ SAVES Facebook page. Tune in as we honor those killed by anti-transgender violence this past year. We will be joined by many voices in the transgender community.

After the service ends, we will host a private group session for those who need additional support on this day. To gain access to the Zoom link, please fill out this form:
Holiday Giving

We have stocked our pantry with Holiday Meal boxes that contain everything you need to prepare a Holiday Dinner. If you are in need of assistance during this holiday season, please email us and we will arrange for delivery or a pick up time at the church. Please use "Thanksgiving" for the subject line.

We are grateful to the community members who donated to the Food Pantry to ensuring we all have enough.
2020 Congregational Meeting Information
Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2020 Congregational Meeting. Your servant hearts are deeply appreciated and your love for this community endless.

Congratulations to Amy Ashton and Cassy Batts on their re-election to the Board.
Community Corner
Life is a verb.

It is a moving, breathing, never ending ride with joy, sorrow and every other emotion colliding to create a beautiful melody. It is the ebb and flow of every day we exist.


Over and over it goes until all breath is gone and others simply remember our song.

Often times, it can be exhausting giving thanks for all things. Truthfully, it trying times being grateful is the furthest thing from our minds. Sometimes, we must be thankful anyway. Choose to be thankful.

You are challenged to try and see past the negative and focus on the positive. Give thanks in all things, even those teaching moments that test our patience.
Prayer for International Transgender Day of Remembrance
November 20, 2020

Being a transgender is a gift:

Thank you, God, 
For changing our sadness and tiredness into courage, 
For giving us the courage to tell people that we weren't boys/girls,
Even though it made some people get mad,
For teaching us to love ourselves as we are,
For giving us the gift of honesty,
For letting our outside be like our inside,
For giving us the courage to be ourselves.
God, remind us of our plenitude,
Remind us of the gift we are to the world due to our infinitely complex diversity,
Remind us of the ancient times when transgender people were priests and shamans,
Because people knew we were a gift.
So may it be.


KASUMI TAKARA (she, her, hers)
Member of São Paulo ICM (MCC), Brazil
Agape' MCC Virtual Worship
November 22, 2020

Welcome and Call to Worship
Opening Song - "Oceans"
Sacred Reading - Luke 12:22-32
Song of Response - "Healing Rain"
Time of Teaching - "We Choose It"
Song of Centering - "There Is Only Love"
Community Prayer
Song of Response - "Hear Our Prayer"
Communion - "All Belong Here"
Closing Song - "For Everyone Born"
The Sending Forth

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