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In the Know
July 31, 2019
All events are open and drop-ins are welcome, unless otherwise stated. If no contact person is listed, call or email the office with questions.
Sunday, August 4
"Let Justice Roll Down" Series

The anicent Judean prophet Amos, writing in the 8th Century, wrestled with how one's faith was relevant in a world besot with troubles. His answer: to engage that world with more presence and intention. Among his most famous lines: "But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream," drew particularly on an understanding that life, in all its understandings, was connected to water. In this four-week series, we will enter engage in this metaphor of the waters of life, and the call to be relevant to this world.

"One Within the Waters"

On this Ingathering Sunday, we will come together as one community, formed from all the living generations, to bless each other through our water communion. As we begin our series “Let Justice Roll Down,” w e will consider how the justice-making that we do collectively ought to begin with blessing, forgiveness, commitment, and love. Children and youth are invited to bring their backpacks to be blessed as they head into a new school year. All are invited to bring some water from a favorite local swimming hole, a kitchen faucet, or somewhere they've been this summer. Featuring Rev. Anastassia and the All Souls Choir.

Check out our past sermons here .
Adult Forum, 9:30am

Don Knebel presenting five sessions on "Ins and Outs of the Bible." This five-part series looks at by whom and when the various books of the Old and New Testaments were written and how those books were selected for inclusion.

August 4 – "From Canaan to Babylon: Books of the Prophets"
August 11 -- "Persian Connections: Writings from the Exile"
August 18 – "All About Jesus: The New Testament"
August 25 – "Wheat from the Chaff: Establishing the Canon"
Next Steps: We Want Your Opinion
I am sure that you all share my appreciation for Rev. Kayla's work, joy, and presence this year, and my sadness at her departure. She was an invaluable partner to me in ministry, allowing me to focus more on worship and mission and goal leadership. Please join us on Sunday August 18 after the Sunday service to thank Kayla and send her off with good wishes.

I want you to know that the Personnel Committee, Board of Trustees, and I are considering how best to staff the congregation to meet our mission, our members' needs, and our growth aspirations. It is not our expectation to hire a second minister for this upcoming church year. Especially in light of this change, we would greatly value your input and insight. Please take 5-15 minutes to c omplete this open-answer survey . We are also available for more extended conversation with any who wish.

Thank you so much,

Rev. Anastassia
Words from Our Director of Children's and Community Programming
Thank you to everyone who attended the volunteer Q&A last weekend! Our Religious Education teams are definitely in better shape than they were a week ago. 

I’d also like to thank those who have devoted time and energy to RE in the past and are shifting their focus to other church volunteer efforts this year. One lovely reality of Unitarian Universalist community is the sheer variety of gifts each member brings. We’ll be sure to draw the attention of our children and youth to your new endeavors, so please don’t hesitate to let them know if you could use some help!

For the rest of the congregation, I have an important gardening question.

Have you ever grown coneflower in your yard, or a community garden, or even a vacant lot? As we become more aware of issues like water scarcity and pollinator protection, I suspect many among us have planted this native species. If you have, you know that once established, coneflower are vigorous and nearly immune to drought. 

But the first year...oh, the first year is another story. If there’s no rain you’d better get your watering can over to the rain barrel pronto. If you don’t, a first year coneflower transplant will flop over as dramatically as a napless toddler. 

I’ve been working with UU RE and youth programs for almost two decades, and individual classes are exactly like first year coneflowers. Without proper nourishment, they flounder. They collapse. Sometimes attendance dies out completely. With steady attention, however, each age group will send down deep roots, scatter new seeds everywhere, and even nourish the congregational ecosystem in unforeseen ways. 

A volunteer drought is the single biggest fear of every Religious Educator. In order to hold class at all, we require a proper ratio of adults to children. In short, we need you like coneflowers need water. Because just as our ecological future depends on gardens full of food for pollinators, our denominational future depends on a robust crop of new UUs. Come be in community with us for as little as one Sunday a month. Lessons, teammates, and support provided. No previous gardening experience required. 

Please email me or call 317-545-6005 ext. 4 to find out more!

Sarah Cannon, Director of Children's and Community Programming
Fall Retreat 2019: October 18-20
Planning is beginning for another wonderful UU fall retreat in beautiful Lutheran Hills in Brown County. This 45th All Souls traditional gathering for all ages, at the height of the Fall colors, is the weekend of October 18-20.
With the traditions of shared tasty meals, pumpkin carving, workshops, board games, songs, stories, s’mores around the campfire, hiking, and paddling around the lake, the retreat is a perfect time to build on new and existing relationships. Retreat is all about getting away from the hustle and bustle, so no agenda is required. If meditating in the silence of the forest or sitting in the warm October sun soaking in a good book are your thing, go for it. You are welcome to do as much or little as you want. Even so, there will be a whole menu of possibilities to choose from. Other Central Indiana UU congregations will be invited to join us. The entire camp has been reserved just for us.

Bring yourself and your family to join us for a colorful Brown County fall weekend of renewal, community, and connection on October 18-20! More info about costs, sign-up, and what to bring is forthcoming, plus there will be a retreat info table in Harris Hall on Sundays starting in September. In the meantime, questions, ideas, or volunteering, please email Betty Lynch ( bjlynch13@yahoo.com ) or Karen Downing ( karen-downing@indy.rr.com ).
Saturday Night Movie,
Saturday, August 3, 6:30pm, Beattie Room
This month’s All Souls Movie Night presents  Tomàs and the Rainbow . You are invited to dinner and a movie! Bring a friend.
Here’s a synopsis of the movie: “Maire transforms an orphan boy’s world when she brings him to live in her small village, off the coast of Ireland. Her reticent husband Alec can barely hide his disappointment when he meets the frail, shy eight-year-old. Undiscouraged, Marie introduces to the wonders of his new world, and helps him learn how to love.” 
The evening begins at 6:30pm with a potluck dinner in Beattie room and a short discussion following the movie. Come share in this special evening.
Newcomers Coffee
Sunday, August 4, 12-1pm, Library

New to All Souls? Please join us! Grab your coffee and goodies and join us in the Library next to the social hall at 12pm. We look forward to seeing you there. Questions? Contact Membership Coordinator Allison Zafiratos .
Terminal and Chronic Illnesses Support Group
Monday, August 5, 6:30-8pm, Library

Those of us who have or have loved and cared for someone with terminal or chronic illnesses gather together for mutual support and sharing. We will discern together whether or not we would like this to continue meeting on a monthly basis. Drop-ins welcome, contact Rev. Kayla with questions at conglife@allsoulsindy.org .
Leadership and Service Retreat
Saturday, August 10, 9am - 4pm, Harris Hall

The Program Council -- which helps organize, strengthen, and support the ministries and activities of the congregation -- is hosting a retreat to help our great leaders to foster a positive volunteer experience, create strategic alignment, and position ourselves for growth. We will consider the assumptions we make in our shared work, create a volunteer covenant, and name ways we can build care and pastoral support into our teams and committees. This retreat is important for those who lead teams or committees, and open to all as we know leadership come from many places and in various forms. RSVP to office@allsoulsindy.org .
"Courage for Racial Justice, Courage for Collective Liberation" Workshop with Chris Crass
Saturday, August 17, 9am-3:30pm

We must rise, with our vision, our values, our communities, and our courage, for racial justice, human rights, and collective liberation in these times. While one of the themes of the workshop is on white people working for racial justice, the overall theme of the workshop is on how we can build stronger racial justice leadership, values, and action in our congregations and communities and the workshop is for all who want to do this work. This workshop is appropriate for all those ages 12 and up, and childcare is available upon request. Those in middle school should come accompanied by an adult, and those in high school are free to come by themselves. You can register here . Registration is due by August 9.
Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) Hosting
August 18-25

All Souls next hosting of families experiencing homelessness will be August 18-25. We ask members and friends to sign-up today in the Atrium to support this program by hosting a meal, prepping a meal, being an overnight host, set-up or clean-up for the program, or drive the IHN van. We are so proud of our service project with Family Promise of Greater Indianapolis. For five years, we have housed and fed families for approximately 20 weeks total!  The tasks are simple but so fulfilling. If you have questions, email Judy Lumbert ( jlumbert@comcast.net ).
Construction Update

Did you know it's all the rage these days to hang out with community in industrial-feeling spaces with concrete floors? Post-modern is so in right now, and we'll be giving that vibe a try for a week or two while we await our new, wonderful carpet in the Sanctuary. Thanks for being along for the ride with us.

The dust in Harris Hall and kitchen has settled. We have opportunities to organize and clean-up this space on August 8 and 9 from 12-3pm and August 10 from 9am-1pm. Sign-up will be this Sunday after service. Please bring any cleaning supplies, gloves, and elbow grease you may have. Your help is greatly appreciated! Contact Babette Miller with any questions.
Layered Programming Start Delayed

Due to staff changes and an understanding that most congregants would like to learn more about layered and intergenerational programming and worship, we will not be beginning layered programming this summer/fall. Stay tuned for opportunities to learn more about this opportunity to expand our age-specific and intergenerational times for learning and growth!
Library Pick of the Week

Check out the book Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose by Joe Biden, available now in the All Souls Library.  This is a book written not just by the former vice-president, but by a father, grandfather, friend, and husband.  Promise Me, Dad  is a story of how family and friendships sustain us and how hope, purpose, and action can guide us through the pain of personal loss into the light of a new future. "Biden splices a heartbreaking story with an election story and a foreign affairs story. And in so doing, he offers something f or everyone, no matter which strand draws you in." - New York Times Book Review.The Library is located between the Sanctuary and Harris Hall.
No-Questions-Asked Food Pantry
Mondays and Fridays, 5-7pm

All Souls hosts a no-questions-asked food pantry organized by some wonderful community members. Donations are welcome and needed! They can be left in the food pantry room (lower level, marked "Nursery") or in the collection bins under the coat rack. The pantry does have a refrigerator and freezer. We also collect hygiene products.
In Our Hearts, Thoughts, and Prayers
Ollie Howe is currently collecting memories of Rev. Bruce Clear. If you have favorite memories of our former minister, please send them to Ollie at movingollie@gmail.com . Though Rev. Bruce’s family reports he is still in good health, we know he is in hospice care, and would like to collect some memories to give to him and his family.

We are delighted to share that on Sunday, June 30 at 11:13am Brandy Riedel and Andrew Lyjack welcomed their child, Odessin Lyjack into the world. Both mother and baby are healthy, and Odessin is 7lbs 2oz, 21in. They would so appreciate food to eat from our community! If you are interested in pitching in, please contact one of our newest pastoral associates, Cheryl Olsen .

If you would like our community to hold a deep sorrow or joy of yours, or to share with us a significant update in your life, please email Rev. Kayla .
Learn & Act
Habitat for Humanity Interfaith Build

Would you like to be involved in this year’s fall interfaith team build with Habitat for Humanity? We are looking for a team of six who can commit to a work day from 7:45am-2:30pm. If you are interested in being a part of this group, please email the office at office@allsoulsindy.org . For more information on the two families we’d be building with, go to Habitat for Humanity’s website here .
Publication Deadlines
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