Updated Cycles of Prayer
Spiritual Wellness
The Rev. Dr. Jeanine Driscoll of St. Thomas of Canterbury provides guidance on:
+ Managing Anxiety
+ Managing Depression
and much more....

Telling Our Story: June 2020 Vestry Papers
In Episcopal circles, the word ‘Evangelism’ has long been the source of many jokes. In  Evangelism – It’s Now or Never , Kenn Katona implores us to get serious about speaking our story and shares some unconventional ideas for inviting people to our communities and churches. This article is available in  English   and  Spanish .

What does it look like to build a brand from the ground up, and what role does it play in creating community? In  How Branding Can Help You Tell Your Story Better , Beth Wyndham shares the process she led at St. Nicholas Hill Country Episcopal Church in Spring Branch, Texas, focusing on identity formation, communication and connectedness.

How are we telling stories through our actions, our ministries, our assets and our congregation? In  How Do We Tell Our Story? , Demi Prentiss invites us to ponder some questions about communicating as God’s people.

As church, how we raise, spend and steward our money can tell a powerful story about our values. In Growing God’s Work , Connie Rux tells the story of All Saints Episcopal Church in Tarpon Springs, Florida, and how they have adapted through their history to be stewards of God’s many gifts to their community.
Rev. Meg Buerkel Hunn Appointed DOK Chaplain
The Rev. Margaret “Meg” Buerkel Hunn has accepted our invitation to serve as the Diocesan Assembly Chaplain of The Order of the Daughters of the King.

DOK Keynote Speaker
Rev. Chloe Chavez
The Diocese of the Rio Grande Daughters of the King are pleased to announce the Rev. Chloe Chavez as our keynote speaker at the Annual Daughters of the King Assembly, Friday and Saturday, August 28-29. Rev. Chloe has planned a very uplifting and encouraging message, “Finding Your Something More.”

Father J.J. Bernal and Anne Marie Werner-Smith on delivery.

The Mission of Mercy to El Paso and Juarez
By Anne Marie Werner-Smith
We delivered them, finally, after 2 ½ months of it all sitting in our living rooms!! Blame that on Covid-19 including the fact that the only restrooms open between here and El Paso were highway rest stops. Filling half of a Cargo Van, the donations included clothes for all ages, shoes, toys and books, nutritional drinks, diapers and baby wipes, toiletries, towels and washcloths, pillows and bedding and more.
The donations are for the needs of the borderland ministries, especially the ...

Three Paths, One God - Promoting Peace on Earth
Have you ever wondered what YOU might do to help promote peace on earth when there is so much unrest in the world? We have, so we wrote  Three Paths, One God , and interfaith prayer book. Please join the authors, Rabbi Min Kantrowitz, Victoria Reder, and Aamna Nayyar, for a discussion of the book on June 24 from 10 to 11 am. 
To register for the webinar, click here
Helping Youth in Times of Uncertainty - High Mountain Youth Project
HMYP President, Deacon Laurie Benavides, sent out a series of email blasts to friends and supporters telling them of the dire situations of food and housing insecurity among the youth, and the need to keep the staff and the center operational in Lincoln County. The response was overwhelming and over $42,820 was raised in April, enough to pay the staff and keep the Drop-in Center operational. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Staff from the HMYP Evening Drop-in and Study Center are currently making weekly check-in phone calls ...

Women’s Ministry Will Connect Via ANEW 2

Even though the Coronavirus has affected all our ‘norms’, Women’s Ministry of the Rio Grande continues to work to “connect and support all women in their diverse ministries...” After much discussion, the Women's Ministry Council has decided to postpone the Bringing Creativity to Prayer and Worship retreat until next summer.

In place of that, we are going VIRTUAL! This is an experiment for all of us. We plan to have gatherings via Zoom on the 4th Saturday of every month at 10 am through August 22. Each session will be an hour to an hour and half.

Burden or Blessing?
Mask Making Makes Difference 

by Madeleine Fazenbaker
St. James' Episcopal Church
Clovis, New Mexico
[Latest Report: 2,100 masks made and given away.]

I told you all in an article last year, about our dear friend Peggy Baker that passed away a year ago. Peggy was an avid sewer. She sewed quilts by the dozens.

 She introduced us to machine embroidery and taught us many things. She also taught us about generosity. She informed my mother prior to her death, that when she passed away, she wanted Mom to be responsible for finding useful purposes for her large fabric collection. She did not want it wasted, thrown away or dismissed as just another inconvenient job connected to her death. She wanted the fabric to be enjoyed and useful in some way that helped someone. My mother takes last requests very seriously. She has tried very hard to honor the last requests of several of her friends. 

We did not know the scope of the collection until we received it.

An invitation for you, from Presiding Bishop Curry
As we learn how to adjust our lives given the reality of the coronavirus and the request to do our part to slow its spread by practicing social distancing, I invite you to join me each week to take a moment to cultivate a ‘habit of grace.’ A new meditation will be posted each week.These meditations can be watched at any time by clicking  here.
June 16, 2020:
In this month of June
During this month of June, we find ourselves in the midst of great titanic struggles, hardships, and difficulties. When important things are at stake, when the lives of God's children, and the life of the world in many respects is at stake. Even as I speak, protestors march through our streets, protesting the way we have been. Protesting for the way we could be. Black Lives Matter, protesting in our city streets that we might learn to live the ways of justice, and mercy that reflects the heart of God's love. And even as I speak, this month of June is Pride Month when our LGBTQ siblings ... To read further, click here

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News from
The Episcopal Church
& the Anglican Communion 
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Episcopal Clergy Cartoonists Find Inspiration Turning Christian Messages Into Hand-drawn Art
By David Paulsen, Episcopal News Service
In the Rev. Jay Sidebotham’s hand-drawn world, “safe church” isn’t a training. It’s a parish encircled by a thick, crenelated concrete wall, which itself is surrounded by a moat filled with toothy beasts. The church’s “Welcome” sign isn’t visible to visitors who approach the outermost layer of defense, a ring of razor wire. “I believe there are easier ways to keep your church safe,” a man tells the rector, both dwarfed by the impenetrable fortress that is protecting the tiny church building within.
That’s just one of the hundreds of Episcopal-tinted cartoons Sidebotham has drawn.

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