Three Paths, One God - Promoting Peace on Earth
Have you ever wondered what YOU might do to help promote peace on earth when there is so much unrest in the world? We have, so we wrote  Three Paths, One God , and interfaith prayer book. Please join the authors, Rabbi Min Kantrowitz, Victoria Reder, and Aamna Nayyar, for a discussion of the book on June 24 from 10 to 11 am. 
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St. Bede's installs
Little Free Pantry
St. Bede’s, Santa Fe, installed a Little Free Pantry adjacent to the Little Free Library at the church entrance, 550 W. San Mateo Rd., which works in exactly the same way only with food instead of books. Originally intended as a stopgap to help with occasional food insecurity for individuals who found themselves briefly short of money for food, that is what it will return to eventually. For now, however, there is such a huge drain on the regular food banks, whose resources we will continue to support and cannot hope to match, that it is likely that the demand on the Little Free Pantry will be considerable. 
Please consider buying a few extra items of non-perishable real food the next time you go grocery shopping and dropping it off into the Little Free Food Pantry on your way home. If it happens to be full perhaps you could leave them in your car until your next trip out. In very cold weather and very hot weather we cannot use cans, but during the next few months of greatest need cans should be fine.  This box is available to all 24/7 to give or to take , for us, for neighbors and for the wider community, as a way to both offer and receive help in these stressful times.
Technology Enables Continuing Meetings for DOK

by Dona Ace, Diocesan President, Daughters of the King
During my recent staycation, among other worthwhile activities, I worshiped at the Washington National Cathedral online and noticed the organist had placed his cell phone nearby on the organ. I smiled when I saw it. It’s always been my hope that our digital tools would create connections, not cause us to be apart from each other in our own little world. Today’s tenuous time has provided a chance to make that happen. As technology has evolved we have spent years using those gadgets and programs that mostly seemed to push us apart. However, the coronavirus crisis is showing us that the internet and modern technology are capable of pulling us all together to meet, to see, and to hear each other in a most meaningful way!

We are seeing an explosion of creativity as people use technology as a bridge across physical distances. ...

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Spiritual Wellness
The Rev. Dr. Jeanine Driscoll of St. Thomas of Canterbury provides guidance on:
+ Managing Anxiety
+ Managing Depression
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Updated Cycles of Prayer

Telling Our Story: June 2020 Vestry Papers
In Episcopal circles, the word ‘Evangelism’ has long been the source of many jokes. In  Evangelism – It’s Now or Never , Kenn Katona implores us to get serious about speaking our story and shares some unconventional ideas for inviting people to our communities and churches. This article is available in  English   and  Spanish .

What does it look like to build a brand from the ground up, and what role does it play in creating community? In  How Branding Can Help You Tell Your Story Better , Beth Wyndham shares the process she led at St. Nicholas Hill Country Episcopal Church in Spring Branch, Texas, focusing on identity formation, communication and connectedness.

How are we telling stories through our actions, our ministries, our assets and our congregation? In  How Do We Tell Our Story? , Demi Prentiss invites us to ponder some questions about communicating as God’s people.

As church, how we raise, spend and steward our money can tell a powerful story about our values. In Growing God’s Work , Connie Rux tells the story of All Saints Episcopal Church in Tarpon Springs, Florida, and how they have adapted through their history to be stewards of God’s many gifts to their community.
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