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 June/July 2022


CMS has released the 2023 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Rule

You can read the CMS press release regarding the MPFS Proposed Rule READ HERE

The American college of Radiology has posted a first-look summary focused on the schedule's implications for medical imaging  


CMS also announced the implementation of the AUC/CDS penalty phase will be delayed "until further notice." The penalty phase for implementation of CDS was scheduled for Jan. 1, 2023, unless the Public Health Emergency was extended. This announcement will allow more time for practices to prepare for CDS implementation with their hospital radiology processes. Press release, READ HERE

We are pleased to welcome        Angie Wardlaw to our Client Services team.  

A highly skilled and experienced addition to our team,  Angie is a purposeful leader with over 20 years of accomplishments in healthcare & Radiology operations including revenue cycle management.  An excellent compliment to our leadership team and the unique experiences in Radiology Practice Administration.

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We continue to position our company as the Radiology Business Experts, for our clients to receive the best outcomes in their practices.

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CT contrast shortage seen as amplification, continuation of deep-set dynamics

The shortage of iodinated contrast media that has rattled U.S. radiology since early May didn't come from nowhere. It's of a piece with widespread disruption challenging healthcare supply chains everywhere since COVID-19 descended in 2020.


CMS has added four FAQ's about the NO SUPRISE ACT for practices to make available to their patients 

CLICK to access


Big private payer reverses course on cardiac PET/CT coverage One of the largest private health insurers in the U.S. has gone from considering hybrid PET/CT for cardiac indications “experimental/investigational”—and thus not coverable—to displaying willingness to pay for the modality, evidently at the urging of two imaging associations.


Image interpretation vs workflow interruption: Quantified, analyzed, strategized

Upon commissioning a business process improvement team to meticulously track interpretative uptime, a 13-radiologist group learned its members had been spending nearly as many hours navigating interruptions as reading images.


Radiology contributes less than thought to the national healthcare spend

An analysis of CMS data has shown radiology had little to do with increases in Medicare costs over a 10-year period ending in 2019.


VIDEO: Radiology takeaways from the 2022 AMA Meeting 

The biggest medical imaging-related news was a resolution that directs the AMA to lobby Congress to change the language and implementation of the current Medicare mandate that all advanced medical imaging exams (CT, MRI, nuclear) needs documentation that the order included consulting of clinician decision support (CDS) software. This is to ensure all imaging exams ordered fall under appropriate use criteria (AUC) set by various medical societies. 

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