The Producer's Group/Premier Rides Team Highlighted for Innovation
A new ride from The Producer's Group and Premier Rides  would give a whole new meaning to dinner theater. Perhaps the most unusual concept divulged at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando was Extraordinary Voyages Adventure Dining. Premier Rides displayed a model of the attraction at its booth. The immersive experience, which could last as long as 90 minutes, would combine a meal with a motion simulator ride. 

Passengers would board an adventure vehicle and be whisked away on a journey. "It could be a dirigible, a submarine, a rocket ship, or an Old West train," said Jim Seay, president and owner of Premier Rides. "There are a plethora of experiences." And, he added, the content could be reprogrammed for the holidays or other seasons, or the attraction could adopt an entirely different theme and destination. During the ride, waitstaff would serve a full-course meal and double as live actors to reinforce the story.
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