October 19, 2020
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Fairfield County Fair organizers look ahead to next year as 2020 fair ends smoothly
Congratulations to all of our students who had exhibits at the fair this year! You all should feel proud of yourselves for sticking with your projects throughout this challenging year.

Last week was the 2020 Fairfield County Fair, and although visitors weren't able to have a normal fair experience, the organizers of the Fairfield County Fair said it went smoothly. 4-H members and their immediate families were allowed in to show their animals, while a livestream of the events were available to people who couldn't attend in person.

"Before the fair started, we were worried the public would try to come in. It was definitely a difficult call to exclude anyone not showing, but it wouldn't be safe to have a large number of people here," said Fairfield County Fair Board President Nancy Myers. "But thankfully, everyone understood why the fair had to make that call."

County residents are hopeful for a normal experience next year, but The Fairfield County Fair Board still needs to discuss what will happen for 2021. The health and safety of attendees remains their number one priority, and will have to wait and assess the appropriate move for next year's fair.

What's Happening in Our Schools...

A virtual book fair is coming to Gorsuch West! Starting on Nov. 1, through the end of the month, students can place their book order. Until then, you can browse their site and start creating your wish list!

To access links for the book eFair, click here and scroll down to Book Fair Links. There is a preview video that highlights a few of the books offered, a video on how to shop the eFair, and a link to the fair itself.

Books will be shipped to Gorsuch West Elementary shortly after the eFair ends. For questions, please contact Mrs. McDaniel at [email protected].

If you haven't had the chance to check out Tarhe Trails' October newsletter, you can read up on our upcoming events, updates and more!


Interested in Free and Reduced Lunch? The Free and Reduced Lunch rates for our school provide additional Federal Funds that support learning and family engagement. Here are a few thing we can do with the funds:

Our school can use those funds to improve student achievement throughout entire school buildings, hire title staff to support reading and math instruction, support afterschool programs/activities, provide family and community homeless liaison support, provide information for parents to increase their knowledge and skills as they relate to their children’s education and more!

Every child benefits from the added services and programs not just those who qualify for free and reduced lunch. Apply here.

Mrs. Stemen’s class loves their October book of the month, Roots on the Broom!

This awesome children's book was generously donated by Mrs. Stemen’s high school Spanish teacher!

Picture Day for Tallmadge Online Students!

On Tuesday, October 20, students with last name starting with A-K and Friday, October 23, for last names L-Z students. Times are from 10 a.m. until noon and will be checked in through the gym entrance in the back of the school.

To order and pay, go to https://my.lifetouch.com/mylifetouch/#/ ID: EVTRD6S36

Conferences will be virtual this year on Thursday, November 5, from 3:00-6:30pm. Time slots will be 10-15 minutes each.

Please fill out this form to request a conference with a teacher. You may select multiple teachers with the times you are available, and we will do our best to accommodate. We suggest focusing on classes where your student is struggling. You will receive an email with the time you are scheduled to meet with each teacher. That teacher will send you a Zoom link prior to conferences. If the teacher's schedule is already booked, you will be notified.

Please fill out this form before Friday, October 30.

Thomas Ewing started a new program called Positive Referral Student Recognition where teachers can give positive referrals to students who are doing great work. Then, those students can write a thank you note to that teacher!

The selected students get to enjoy a socially distant celebration outside with popcorn! Congratulations to the students who were selected in the month of September! #senatorpride
CLASS OF 2023! Although graduation isn't for a little while, it's time to start planning. Design and order your class rings now!

To learn more about the process, watch this video.

To design and purchase your class ring, go to this website.
October 27: Board Meeting | 4:30 p.m. at 111 S. Broad Street, Large Meeting Room
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