August 17, 2020
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LHS Ended 2019-2020 School Year Strong with College Credit Plus and AP Courses

Even with the way Spring ended, LHS had a tremendous year with College Credit Plus (CCP) and AP. Over the past few years LHS has put in place a lot of changes in offerings, structure and recruiting with much success.

Last school year, 756 total CCP Courses were taken on and off campus. This includes credits being earned from COTC, Hocking College, Ohio University, Columbus State, Ohio Christian, University of Toledo, Cedarville, and more. Seven hundred and thirty College Credit Plus courses were passed by LHS students. Of those 730 classes, 544 were completed on the LHS campus. This is a huge accomplishments for LHS students AND teachers.

In addition, 86 AP tests were passed by our students and were completed at home/on-line during the closure and were in a new essay format.

In total, approximately 250 students earned credit in over 800 total courses (AP and CPP combined), which is equivalent to over 2,000 credit hours.  
At Home Activities

Did you know that everyday items you already own are perfect teaching aids for toddlers? Here's how to teach toddlers at home with DIY and everyday items.

CLICK HERE for the activity.

Kindness and empathy are important social skills for students to learn, as they have benefits that can last well into adulthood. These 10 videos will help your elementary students learn more about what kindness and empathy are, why they are important and how they can show kindness and empathy in their daily lives.

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Looking for some new interactive learning sessions to help your student with math? Here are 50+ middle school math games that are sure to be fun and interesting!

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In the teenage years, negative stress can have long term adverse effects for an individual, so it’s especially important for youth to work at reducing their stress levels. To keep those levels at bay, try some of these great meditation techniques.

CLICK HERE for meditation techniques for beginners.
Top Tip #2 to Know My Child is Ready for Kindergarten

Lancaster City Schools and the Fairfield County Early Literacy & Kindergarten Readiness Collaborative have partnered and put together its Say, Do, Know: Get Ready for Kindergarten initiative to encourage and educate families on the importance of getting their child ready for kindergarten. Here is our Top Tip #2 to know your child is ready for kindergarten. #LancasterCitySchools #ThePlacetoBe
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