April 27, 2020
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Lancaster High School Recognized by U.S. News & World Report

LANCASTER – U.S. News &World Report has recognized Lancaster High School as one of the best-performing schools in the country. 

According to a media release, Lancaster High School ranked 232 out of 902 High Schools in Ohio, and 48 out of 132 in the Columbus Ohio Metro Area High Schools.

According to the release, Lancaster High School scored a 90% for Graduation Rate; 53% in Mathematics Proficiency; and 73% in Reading Proficiency.

Mt. Pleasant Student, Educator Team wins R.A. Horn & Franklin B. Walter Educator Awards
Congratulations to Mt. Pleasant student Hayden Rittinger for receiving the R.A. Horn Outstanding Student Achievement Award from the Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities. Hayden was nominated by his school counselor, Mallory Pamphilis.

The Mt. Pleasant Behavior Support Team was also selected to receive the Franklin B. Walter Outstanding Educator Award from the Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities. Team members include: Angela Bolin, Erin Pennington, Amber Sykes, Tara Swayne, Sara Shukys, and Patricia Zaker.
At Home Activities

Toddlers naturally want to help. If you're washing the dishes or scrubbing vegetables, do your toddlers want to be right in there helping you? That’s why this Washing Dishes Sensory Bin is great for them! CLICK HERE for the activity.

Lego is such a fun building toy and a great learning resource. Building a set straight out of the box is great for encouraging kids to learn to follow a sequence of instructions, and requires intense use of visual discrimination skills and fine motor skills. Then there’s the creativity of free building with a collection of Lego bricks!

However, Lego is also valuable as a resource for a whole range of learning activities – everything from writing to spelling, math to science, social studies to art. CLICK HERE for all the activities you can do with Lego!

Science is one of the few subjects that regularly brings concepts to life in very real, tangible ways for students. CLICK HERE for fun and engaging science experiments for middle school students.

Are you looking for ways to engage your student in more creative writing during this time? Here are some awesome ways to get your student's creative juices flowing and putting pen to paper! CLICK HERE for the activities.
Top Tip #7 to Know My Child is Ready for Kindergarten

Lancaster City Schools and the Fairfield County Early Literacy & Kindergarten Readiness Collaborative have partnered and put together its Say, Do, Know: Get Ready for Kindergarten initiative to encourage and educate families on the importance of getting their child ready for kindergarten. Here is our Top Tip #7 to know your child is ready for kindergarten. #LancasterCitySchools #ThePlacetoBe
Junior High Construction Update
In the two story classroom section, the elevator is being installed, the flooring is complete (except stairwells), and student lockers have been installed on the second floor. Student lockers are also installed in the single story classroom section, data wiring is complete, and hallway flooring is being installed.   Ceiling clouds are installed in the media center and ceiling tile is being installed in the main entrance section. The gymnasium floor is being prepared while lights and lockers are being installed in the locker rooms. Throughout the building, plumbing fixtures installation, glass caulking, and A/V wiring are underway. Pipes and control wires are being installed in the mechanical rooms.

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