September 21, 2020
Your News from Lancaster City Schools...
Lancaster City Schools' custodians focus on sanitizing to keep kids and teachers safe
Custodian, Rachel Brunton, starts her day at Tallmagde Elementary School, one of five schools in the Lancaster City Schools, to get it ready for students and staff. Students in the district returned to school at the start of September, using a blended model of attendance, meaning the student body is split by last name, half attending the school every other day and half learning remotely. All students remain home on Mondays.

"With half the kids staying home, there might not be as much of a mess to clean each day, but we have to focus on sanitizing everything. There might not be as much dirt to get to, but we have to be extra careful of all the surfaces, even places you might not think kids would get to," Brunton said. "Like the walls. I never thought about having to make sure those are sanitized, but it's one of the things we have to be especially careful of."

It's been less than a month back at school and Brunton says that the kids are adapting quickly to the new routine.

What's Happening in Our Schools...

Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held virtually for all families (full online & blended). Information to schedule a date/time will be sent home from your child's teacher.

Here are the virtual conference dates/times available:
Thursday, October 1 (3:45-7:15) Thursday, October 8 (3:45-7:15)
Tuesday, October 13 (3:45-7:15)
Thursday, October 22 (3:45-7:15)

For questions, please contact your student's teacher.

Good news for our families without internet that received a HotSpot from Tarhe Trails!

T-Mobile has established a customer service helpline for parents and hotspots. Please call 1-844-341-4834. This number can be used for other Lancaster City Schools.

It’s Mumkins Time! The Medill PTO is hosting the biggest fundraiser of the year.

Proceeds will go toward purchasing canopies to provide shade on the playground.

Look for a brochure coming home with your child and/or an email with all the details. All ordering is completed online, and there are some pretty sweet prizes up for grabs for participating, too!

Parenting is hard, especially during these difficult times. Luckily, Mt. Pleasant has the wonderful people at the Family, Adult, and Children First Council to help!

Take advantage of these amazing free classes and their parent support line.

Attention parents! We want YOU to join our PTO. If you are interested, please send your name, your child's name and grade to

Your voice matters. We look forward to having new members join us to make our school strong.

We understand that these unprecedented times can cause students to feel overwhelmed, anxious and other difficult emotions.

Our goal is to make our students feel empowered and supported while they learn. Please reach out to our social worker Billie McClead ( or our school counselor Allyson Otto ( if your student could use some extra support!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept. 22, from 7:45-10 a.m. is picture day for Group A students with the last name beginning A-K.

If you have not purchased your school pictures and would like to, order online at using the Picture Day ID: EVTBRWQVM.

Online students will need to enter through the back of the building at the gymnasium entrance, wear a mask and keep a 6 foot social distance at all times. Parents are not permitted in the building.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Fairfield County is looking for High School Bigs for the 20-21 school year. Bigs serve as mentors to elementary school Littles. They meet once a week with their little to talk and complete activities.

For completing the year as a Big, students will receive 1 elective credit. If your student has further questions about the program or is interested in being a Big, please have them email Sarah Collins, School Counselor about next steps.
September 22: Board Meeting | 4:30 p.m. at 111 S. Broad Street, Large Meeting Room
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