March 30, 2020
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With community support, local organization helps feed Lancaster school families

Connexion West packed 1,200 boxes of food, each one with enough food to last a family of four for seven days earlier this week. On Friday, volunteers passed out the boxes at five locations in the city.

Joel Seymour, the senior pastor at Lancaster Vineyard Church, led a group passing out boxes at Mount Pleasant Elementary School. He said this has been an unusual time, but there wasn't a shortage of volunteers.

"We had to restrict the number of people coming, just to follow the state's guidelines. But people are being generous and wanting to help," he said. "Everyone wants to help, but it's been a bit of a juggling act."

Seymour explained that in times of trouble or after natural disasters, people gather to help and make sure their neighbors are cared for.

Lancaster City Schools Donates PPE to Fairfield Medical Center
Lancaster City Schools is proud to donate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Fairfield Medical Center. The supplies included the following:

  • Masks - both N-95 and procedure masks
  • Eyewear - safety glasses and goggles
  • Gowns/Personal Protection Kits
  • Nitrile Exam Gloves

In addition, Lancaster City Schools loaned out all of the districts touch less forehead thermometers to the Family YMCA pandemic child care program and Fairfield County Emergency Management Agency.
HUDL selects Lancaster High School Girls Basketball Video for Recognition as a Truly Inspiring Moment.  
More than 100 teams sent in some truly inspiring moments from their seasons to HUDL—but the one they loved the most came from our very own Lancaster High School. 

“Our four-year manager, senior Maizie Rigsby, has Down syndrome. This has not stopped her from being a great manager. She attends every practice and game and performs all of the functions any ordinary manager would, especially supporting all the girls on the team with her positive attitude. 

On Feb. 3, she dressed as part of the team, started the game and then scored the first basket. We set this up ahead of time and then restarted the game. Later, we put her in for live-action and she scored two points for us at the end of the game. She deserved this moment. Maizie is a wonderful young woman who is loved and supported by everyone on the team and loves everyone back. We are so proud of her hard work, her great attitude and how much love she shows all of us every day. We were very lucky to have her be a part of this program for the last four years and will truly miss her going forward.”

A big hat tip to Coach Stedman and the girls’ 

Top Tip #5 to Know My Child is Ready for Kindergarten

Lancaster City Schools and the Fairfield County Early Literacy & Kindergarten Readiness Collaborative have partnered and put together its Say, Do, Know: Get Ready for Kindergarten initiative to encourage and educate families on the importance of getting their child ready for kindergarten. Here is our Top Tip #5 to know your child is ready for kindergarten. #LancasterCitySchools #ThePlacetoBe
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