Passion, Promise & Authenticity in 2023

Renee Malone, APR

President & Founder

Resolutions are great, but what if we just focus on one word to help guide our intentions for the new year? At KQ, one word that comes to mind is authenticity. Building authentic connections with audiences has always been key in the public relations world. But in 2023, following recent years of a heightened focus on social justice and economic and healthcare inequity, people have an increased need to know whether you have shared values. They're seeking genuine communication and relationships rather than salespeople. It takes more than creatively sharing your brand to gain buyers and communities. They desire to understand your true interests and intentions. By telling your story rather, people will have greater insight into who you are and what motivates you and your organization. 

BE VULNERABLE. One of the most important things to remember when building authentic connections is to be vulnerable. Let people see behind the veil and uncover the heartbeat of the organization. A lack of sincerity is easy to see; people are increasingly looking for brands and organizations they can trust. In a recent “Strength of Purpose” survey, nearly 75% of consumers said they would be more likely to buy from a brand they perceive as authentic. So, the first step in building those authentic connections is to be open and let the true you be evident in your communications...

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Client Spotlight: Foot Soldiers Park

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have the opportunity to work on an impactful project in Selma, Alabama - the development of Foot Soldiers Park and Education Center.

Our team spent a few days interviewing four of the foot soldiers who were there on Bloody Sunday. We met with business owners who are working to revitalize this city and we were treated to a fact-filled driving tour of all the historic landmarks.

While we have been working to tell these important stories and help build support for this project, devastation struck Selma and we had to shift our focus.

Last week, a massive tornado ripped through the community leaving complete destruction in its wake.

Team KQ connected with our clients to first ensure they were all safe. And then we worked to determine the best way to help them rally support for those in greatest need.

In just a few days, thousands of dollars in donations were collected and we were able to share footage of the Foot Soldiers Park team shopping for necessities to be distributed throughout the community.

Selma still needs YOU! We ask that in addition to supporting the development of Foot Soldiers Park and Education Center, you will also consider donating to the disaster relief fund. Additional information and donation options can be found at

Team Spotlight: Kinnawa Kaitibi

Like many people, the holiday season is a time for us all at #TeamKQ to recharge and spend time with those we love near and far. Senior account executive, Kinnawa Kaitibi, traveled across the Atlantic Ocean for his first trip to Sierra Leone, his family home. While there, he had the opportunity to reconnect with family members he hadn't seen in years like his Grandma Matu who helped raise him, meet new family members, and visit the villages where his parents grew up, Moyamba and Taiama. 

“I felt like I gained a new appreciation for hard work and consistency during my trip,” says Kinnawa. It was such an eye-opening and heartwarming experience to see not only where my parents are from, but also what trials they had to overcome for my siblings and me to have the life we have in America.”

During his trip, Kinnawa filmed a documentary to capture every special moment and give potential viewers a different perspective of Sierra Leone and Africa as a whole. 

We look forward to seeing the documentary when it’s ready to share!

#TeamKQ Takes Home Four Awards

Grateful is an understatement for the recognition we received during the PRSA Memphis Vox Awards ceremony in November. We took home four awards for our work in Brand Management, Crisis Communications, Public Service, and Event Promotion.

Congratulations to all of the award recipients! Check out the full list of award winners by clicking here.


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