Advisory updates and other information to encourage safe recreation
June 3rd, 2022 Update
Swim beach E.coli monitoring has started
This was our first week of sampling the three designated swim beaches in Clark County for E.coli including Klineline Pond, Vancouver Lake Regional Park, and Battleground Lake. We will sample these beaches every other week until Labor Day.

Public Health has issued a swim beach warning at Vancouver Lake after routine testing showed elevated levels of E. coli bacteria. E. coli bacteria can cause serious gastrointestinal illness when water is accidentally swallowed. Public Health will collect additional water samples on Monday. If results show the water quality has improved, the beach warning will be lifted.
Beach warning issued for Vancouver Lake
Harmful Algal Bloom present at Vancouver Lake

We are monitoring a harmful algal bloom at Vancouver Lake. Currently, toxicity results are below recreational guidance.

If you see a harmful algal bloom, you can report online by clicking below.
Protect yourself and pets from animal bites and rabies
This time of year, Public Health is preparing for the seasonal increase in calls from the public and from healthcare providers about humans coming in contact with bats and concerns about potential exposure to the rabies virus. When preparing for a fun-filled summer, we encourage the public, healthcare providers and veterinarians alike to familiarize themselves with what to do in case you or your pet has an exposure to a bat or other wild animal. Additional information on the rabies virus, what to do in the event of an exposure and provider resources can all be found on the Clark County Public Health website.
New resources available on our website
Whether you are a lake user, homeowner, medical professional, business owner, or parent we have complied helpful resources on our website! We have resources for specific lake user/interest groups and also provide some resources in Spanish with more to come!
For more resources, previous newsletters, and other information about our beach/lake monitoring, visit our website FAQ page.
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