Advisory updates and other information to encourage safe recreation
July 29th, 2022 Update
Warning advisory for algal toxins removed from Lacamas Lake
Avoid areas of scum at Vancouver, Lacamas, and Round Lake
Lacamas Lake warning advisory has been removed after two consecutive weeks of samples show toxin levels below recreational guidance. Water sampling is done weekly while a bloom is present, view the latest results at the Washington State Toxic Algae website.

All E.coli sample results for the three designated swim beaches (Vancouver Lake Regional Park, Klineline Pond, and Battleground Lake) collected Monday were below recreational guidance.
The next E. coli sampling date for Vancouver Regional Park, Klineline Pond, and Battle Ground Lake is Monday August 8th.
Harmful algal bloom being monitored at Vancouver, Lacamas, and Round Lakes

There are no current advisories at Vancouver Lake, toxin results have been below recreational guidance. Results can be viewed at theWashington State Toxic Algae website.  Public Health staff will continue monitoring the bloom weekly until it dissipates.

Avoid areas of algae and scum while recreating.
Hot Weather Safety
As temperatures rise, it’s important to take precautions to prevent heat-related illnesses which can occur to anyone including young and healthy people. Elderly people, babies and young children, and those with chronic diseases are at a higher risk.
Here are some tips for preventing heat-related illness:
  • Stay indoors, in an air-conditioned location, as much as possible
  • Drink more water and limit intake of drinks with caffeine, alcohol, or a lot of sugar
  • Never leave a person or pet in a parked vehicle
  • Wear lightweight, light-colored and loose-fitting clothes, and avoid dressing babies in heaving clothing or wrapping them in blankets
  • Fans will not prevent heat-related illness when temperatures are in the high 90s – cool off in the shower or move to an air conditions place such as a public library or shopping mall
Clark County Public Health has more information regarding how to stay cool if you do not have air conditioning, or what to do if you need to be outside. Additionally, there is a list of cooling centers in the county for anyone who needs it:
For more resources, previous newsletters, and other information about our beach/lake monitoring, visit our website FAQ page.
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