Advisory updates and other information to encourage safe recreation
June 17th, 2022 Update
Advisory Updates for Vancouver & Battle Ground Lake
Vancouver Lake Regional Park swim beach is temporarily closed after elevated E.coli levels were detected in multiple samples collected Monday, 6/6/22. The lake was resampled Wednesday 6/15/22, we are still awaiting those results.
During a temporary beach closure:
  • Public Health is closing the beach to swimming and wading.
  • People who fish at the lake should take precautions to avoid water contact and clean fish well.
Battle Ground Lake State Park swim beach is under a beach warning after elevated E.coli levels were detected in a sample collected Monday, 6/6/22.

During a beach warning:
  • Swimming and wading not advised especially for young children.  
  • When fishing, clean fish well and wash hands and equipment after.  
  • If coming into contact with water;  
  • Rinse off before and after. 
  • Know where the bathrooms and changing stations are located. 
Next scheduled date for E.coli sampling is June 21st
Harmful algal bloom being monitored at Vancouver Lake
There are no current bloom advisories, toxin samples show values below recreational guidance. Cyanotoxin results can be viewed at theWashington State Toxic Algae website.  Public Health staff will continue monitoring the bloom weekly until it dissipates.
Avoid areas of algae and scum while recreating.
Want to know how E.coli gets in the water?
Check out our website! We have worked to include information on what you can do to help improve our lake water quality.
Clark County's Green Neighbor's Natural Garden Tour is back!
This is a self-guided tour of vibrant natural gardens throughout the county that don’t use synthetic chemicals! It will take place Sunday, July 17 from 10am – 4pm
How can you keep our waterways clean?
Simple and routine actions can be taken to protect our watershed and storm drains from possibly harmful contaminants:
· Picking up pet waste – During heavy rain events, pet waste left out could wash intro streams, lakes, rivers, and wetlands and could contain harmful bacteria.
· Checking for vehicle leaks – Oil and other vehicle fluids are toxic and if leaking, could end up in areas where children and pets are easily exposed to such as puddles.
· “Only rain down the drain” – The Green Neighbors program has resources that explain where you should throw out materials such as paint or motor oil here.
· Water wise installation – This is especially applicable to small acreage or farm property owners as this can help to protect your property and manage stormwater runoff.
· Landscaping – There are several ways to improve your landscaping to protect water from pollution through actions such as grass-cycling, using native plants, and water conservation techniques which you can learn more about on the Clark County Green Neighbor’s website:
For more resources, previous newsletters, and other information about our beach/lake monitoring, visit our website FAQ page.
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