March 16th, 2022
"In the Spring, I have counted
136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours."

-Mark Twain
Do I dare challenge Mother Nature or tempt fate by discussing weather patterns in Wisconsin? Let's walk on the wild side! The ground might be a drab shade of brown, but the warmth in the air and the delightful feeling of sun on the face, certainly feels like we are ushering in spring. And with only four days left of winter, milder weather will be here to stay...and then leave again.

I saw this post on social media that depicted Wisconsin's seasons with detailed accuracy. We are not only fortunate to experience 4 seasons in Wisconsin, we get to ride the climate rollercoaster which feels more like 11 to 12 seasons!
Just like our beloved weather patterns, business falls into seasons, or cycles. Business cycles are categorized as expansion, peak, recession and trough. Sounds kind of like spring, summer, fall & winter! Ha! When you narrow the scope and look at small business development you'd here terminology like start-up, growth, expansion, maturity and transition. Knowing the season of your business is a must, because simply put, you don't wear snow boots to the beach. Not that you can't, you can labor through sand with hot sweaty feet trapped inside water resistant footwear covered in unwelcomed sand. But that sounds like torture. Moving too fast or not moving at all can leave a business navigating the beach in snow boots. Torture!

Our 12 month calendar keeps us tied to the climatic changes. Rain vs. Snow? We know what to anticipate. That same calendar does not exist with business cycles. Business leaders have to discern when to grow and when to transition to ensure a productive business climate. They have to discern the appropriate footwear [business measures] all with little help from the local meteorologist.

Spring is knocking at the door. But maybe what's waiting at your doorstep is expansion. Or maybe it's transition. Perhaps you're deciding whether or not to commit to the daydream and make a leap into start-up! For all intents and purposes, pay attention to the forecast and carry a spare set of flip flops, cause you just never know what's coming.
The Elkhorn Chamber
submitted by Kate Abbe
The Guide is a way to:

*Introduce potential residents, businesses and tourists to the area

*Serve as a hometown reference guide for residents and visitors

*Showcase our active community, its businesses and events

Advertising Deadline:
March 25, 2022

Distribution Target Date:
May 2022

Billing July 2022
The Elkhorn Chamber and it's staff continue to provide weekly
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If you are also in need of sharing a copy or two with your family, friends or business clients, please let us know and we'll be happy to drop off a fresh supply of community guides at your office. Please send us your request, and we'll see you soon with a stack of the new guide!
Join the EASD Community Walking Club!
Lead by Fitness Instructor Terri Dellamaria
We meet Tuesdays (starting March 8th) from 4-5 p.m. and will be walking and talking all over Elkhorn. You'll be sent a new route each week!
Initial meeting will take place at the EAHS Fitness Center. In the event of adverse weather, we'll walk indoors.
Step 1. Choose your brick size and format that you would like to purchase.

Step 2 After purchasing your brick, go to to personalize your brick with a message and a graphic design of your choosing
(subject to approval).

By participating you’ll contribute to this new entrance that will welcome people for years to come. You’ll have a reminder each time you enter that you were a part of this fantastic project. It’s also a reminder of what a wonderful supporter you are of Elkhorn High School.

Remember to spread the word and Thank you!

Elkhorn All-Sports Booster Club
If you’ve never hosted a L’BRI party, now is definitely the time! Let’s set a date in April because the host bonus is valued at up to $168!! AND you’d get $100-$400 of product credit that you can spend anytime in the next 12 months! AND you’d also get 1-4 half-price items!
Check out all the party options below! It’s easy, fun, and incredibly rewarding!
Just grab a couple friends (at your home, at a coffee shop, online or
through catalogs and samples) and I’ll do all the work!
Call me, Kristy, for more info at 262-745-2366 or email me at
L’BRI is certainly celebrating their 24th Anniversary in generous style! 
Being fit improves your health. A lifetime of fitness offers many benefits such as: • Reducing your risk of health problems, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and some types of cancer • Managing your weight • Helping you sleep better • Preventing or easing stress, depression, and back problems • Boosting your energy
A FREE monthly seminar series brought to you by the Elkhorn Resilience Coalition. 
WHEN | Third Wednesday of the month, 6 - 7:30 p.m.

WHERE | James A. Wehner Auditorium, Elkhorn High School

DETAILS | Doors open at 5:30 p.m., limit 75 in-person attendees

*Conversations are also available online*

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Elkhorn Universal Employee 30+
(30-39 Hours)

The Universal Employee assists new and existing members, in person and on the telephone, with all their financial needs, including teller transactions, member services, and loans. Duties will include opening and closing various types of accounts, processing transactions, resolving account problems, as well as providing assistance and information regarding all products and services of the Credit Union.
501 Nathan Lane Unit #4, Elkhorn
Sierra Financial Services in Elkhorn has extra space to rent in their
office. (1) locking office and up to (2) cubicles. Would have access to
off-street parking for both employees and clients. Two conference
rooms & separate wi-fi stream. For additional details,
please email Jim Pfeil at
If you or a business you know are in need of assistance please reach out