In the Still of the Night...
A Song for the Ages
Fred Parris, the cofounder of
The Five Satins and songwriter of In the Still of the Night, died yesterday at age 85 after a brief illness. For me and many others, his death feels personal. The news brought a stream of memories, because that song was the backdrop for so many special times. I bet that is true for many of you. This photo is of Fred and me at The Rhythm & Blues Foundation's Pioneer Awards in NYC.

I was profoundly changed when I first heard that immortal song in 1956 in Yazoo City about 1:00 AM following a Red Tops dance. I was listening to WLAC out of Nashville, Tennessee. They played it over and over that night until the wee hours.
I was so enchanted that I just became filled with a spirit wanting more and more. The song “In the Still of the Night” set a standard for that glorious era of music, which was never exceeded. It was in everyone’s top 5 or 10 songs. Our memories were made. Our first kisses, dates, broken hearts, and love enhanced forever.
Then by a stoke of God’s wonderful spirit, He allowed me to become close friends with four of my favorite famous singers of this genre. That friendship led to me joining them at music industry events, which in turn, introduced me to more of my musical heroes, giving me memories to savor for a lifetime.
I recall so vividly being with Fred Parris in NYC when they were being honored at the Rhythm and Blues Foundation with a Pioneer Award. I got a photo with Fred and then one with his group. I learned later that the one I took of the original group is very rare, because they broke up right after recording their sensational hit. So, there had not been any good opportunities for photo opts. Then in 2010 while in Philly for a similar occasion to honor other greats, Fred was there with his wife and son. I was there with Harvey Fuqua. We walked together on the red carpet with Fred as we entered the main ceremony. It was one on the finer moments of my life.

A rare photo of The Five Satins at the Pioneer Awards. It was special, because the group had broken up many years before.
How does one tell God thank you enough for these precious experiences and dear memories? I do not know the answer, but I am doing it now with tears welling up as I contemplate all that has happened.

Love and blessings to all.
William "Bill" Morris
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