PotekGlass September 2019 Newsletter
Art in the Shop
Framed Fused Glass
10.5"x10.5" Framed Fused Glass Tile
This is glass on the move. The last piece fired at the California Building. Created to remind myself of the airy light and storied folk that grounded my work for the last 15 years. Check it out here !
~ Malcom Potek
Sun 9.15 | 10am - 1pm | 1 - 4pm
Beads of Courage has challenged the talented bead artists of Minneapolis to fire up their flaming hot torches and melt glass into meaningful symbols of COURAGE! These one-of-a-kind glass beads will be given to children coping with cancer and other serious illnesses to help them share and own their story of courage.
We are the only place in Minnesota holding a Bead Challenge, please join us for our annual fundraiser to support the mission of Beads of Courage! Register here!
Art in the World
Dinah and Patty Hulet
What makes an object collectible? It must be precious, remarkable and an object of sentiment. Sister duo Dinah and Patty Hulet’s work has earned this highly coveted badge creating hyperrealistic glass confections in 2005. Almost immediately, their sweet creations received an enthusiastic response from the public. The pieces exude a rococo-like decadence and can easily be imagined as having been precious items once owned by Marie Antoinette.  Learn more about the Hulet sisters online!
Detail of my life there came a man called George (1998) by one of the Hulet sisters, Dinah.
Sat 9.21 | 2pm - 4pm
Picabash is dedicated to simplifying the party planning process by showcasing unique local vendors on one site and we are proud to be one of their featured partners. Free event open to all. Register early!
C lass Notes
Hone your Italian soft glass skills in new Intermediate* offerings!
Sun 10.13 | 10pm - 5pm
Delve deep into the practice of precise dot-making to bring your beadmaking to the next level! Bead shape focus will be rondels, spheres and cylinders using Italian soft glass Effetre. Explore different dot pattern techniques to enhance your beads' surface decoration. 
Dot Madness
Gather your friends for a ghoulish good time this Halloween season! Capture the ghostly spirit and create a glow-in-the-dark skull pendant strung on a necklace of glowing beads.
*Note: Participants are required to have previous experience with glass or participated in a Try-iT session. Consider brushing up at an upcoming Italian Soft Glass Try-iT!
Shop Retail
Modernisme' Bowl
Bring color into your home with unique vessels that are truly centerpieces in their own right! Perfectly suited for floral arrangements or as standalone pieces, these effervescent unicolored basins play with the juxtaposition of solid sheets of color and bubbling transparency. When touched by sunlight they demand attention as tinted light is reflected and cast in in various directions. 
Sat 10.26 | Sun 10.27 | 10am - 5pm
Come visit us at the Bead Bazaar and 'bead' inspired! Take in featured classes and demos, then get your fill for your next project . Thanks for your support!
Opportunity to Create & Further Technique for All Levels
1st Monday = 5:00 - 9:00 pm
2nd Saturday = 1:30 - 5:30 pm
3rd Tuesday = 5:00 - 9:00 pm
Malcom will be available for any questions, guidance or reminders you might need while you work. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from a master and work at your own speed on your own project. Malcom will keep a watchful eye while giving you the freedom to explore! Need certification to participate. Not certified? Sign-up for a Try-iT class!