PotekGlass May 2019 Newsletter
Art in the Shop
Artist in Resid ency at Achieve Language Academy
Students brainstorming design to fit Artist in Residency theme: "belong and grow"
Create your own glass menagerie!
In this introduction to sculpture on the torch, students will learn the fundamentals of turning glass shapes into small turtles. Learn to create seals, how to make a button and pick up frit, heating out tool marks and how to strike color.
No experience necessary!
Art in the World
Loren Stump
Loren Stump is a contemporary flameworker, tool and technique developer and teacher. He began as a stained glass artist but quickly discovered his affinity for flamework while young in his career. He is well-known for his skill of murrine: a 4,000-year-old Middle Eastern process in which glass rods are melted together and then sliced to reveal elaborate patterns or images in the cross-cut. Largely self-taught, he has continued to hone his skill over the past 30 years and has amazingly perfected his technique to the point where he manipulates 2D murrine slices into 3D forms. One of his most complex works is a unique take on Leonardo DaVinci's painting Virgin on the Rocks in which he used hundreds of glass rods to create each component detail. Each cut of murrine sold for $5,000 per slice! He can be found working and teaching in his studio Stumpchuck in Sacramento when he is not on the road. Learn more about Loren Stump online!
Loren Stump (above) working in his studio Stumpchuck; (above left) his unique take on DaVinci's Virgin on the Rocks as well as some of his murrine portraits (above right).
Make your own cast magnet or pendant as an Art-A-Whirl memento!
Up Next in Studio
Friday May 17 | 5pm - 10pm
Saturday May 18 | 12pm - 8pm
Sunday May 19 | 12pm - 5pm
Visit PotekGlass during Art-A-Whirl -- the largest open studio tour in the country! We are excited to join nearly 800 other artists in a weekend-long celebration of art.
Art-A-Whirl is FREE and open to the public!
Come say hi! There are various visiting artists for a limited time at the Flux Arts, so plan extra time for browsing and grazing. Come ready for fun! Make your own cast magnet or pendant -- Saturday only!
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Fri May 17 - Sun May 19
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Cracking the Kiln Code
Wed July 24 - Sun July 28
PotekGlass Abroad
Malcom in Grand Marais
Developed over two decades of fusing glass, Cracking the Kiln Code is Malcom's core curriculum. Learn the fundamentals of kiln-forming. Catalyze your creativity. Become inspired during daily nature walks and translate that inspiration into artistic vision. Create art and hone your skill under Malcom's guidance at this Grand Marais Art Colony intensive retreat. Relax, make & have fun!
C lass Notes
Try-iT! Upcoming Introductions to Glass Basics!
Sat 6.1 | 10am - 1pm
Simple to start endless in its potential, kiln-forming is to glass what conducting is to instruments. You will explore the foundations of kiln-work: learn to cut patterns out of sheet glass, make frit, and work with a variety of glass formats by fusing glass in the kiln to create a ring dish.
Sat 6.8 | 10am - 1pm
Borosilicate glass gets its name from the element boron, which is added as a flux to create an American hard glass. A melt that occurs at a hotter temperature, boro is well suited for sculptural glass endeavors. In this class students will create a small paperweight, smash a gather into an icicle ornament as well as experiment with blowing a small object.
Sat 6.15 | 10am - 1pm
In this course, students will learn the basics of gathering up molten glass on the torch and applying it onto a mandrel. Once beads are made you will create stringers and apply surface decoration to beads. Expect to make between 6 and 12 beads depending on working style.
Book Your Private Event!
Bring your group and creativity! Learn glass basics and you will each make your one-of-a-kind creation: a blue pendant for the bride-to-be, a tile inspired by your book club's read, or beads made by hand in the company of friends and family. Make the world more beautiful by creating with your own two hands - to make things is the thing that make us human!
Opportunity to Create & Further Technique for All Levels
1st Monday = 5:00 - 9:00 pm
2nd Saturday = 1:30 - 5:30 pm
3rd Tuesday = 5:00 - 9:00 pm
Malcom Potek will be available for any questions, guidance or reminders you might need while you work. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from a master and work at your own speed on your own project. Malcom will keep a watchful eye while giving you the freedom to explore! Need certification to participate. Not certified? Sign-up for a Try-iT class!
Gently Used Equipment For Sale
Gently-used and refurbished torch and more - check out the listings online !
Refurbished Torch
Price $130.00