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June 29, 2021 Special Issue
Information for commercial pool operators and owners
Water recreation facilities can fully reopen!
Due to the extremely hot weather we are experiencing in the state, the state department of health has decided to provide allowance and flexibility with the COVID protocols for water recreation facilities outlined in this document COVID-19 Prevention Guidance and Reopening of Water Recreation Facilities in Phases before June 30, 2021.
As long as it is safe to do so determined by the managers and pool operators of the facilities; water recreation facilities regulated under WAC 246-260 and WAC 246-262 are allowed as of June 28, 2021 to:
  • Open the facilities using the normal time (non-COVID time) maximum occupancy limits
  • Physical distancing, health screening, and environmental cleaning and disinfection are still recommended, but not required
  • Masks should be worn by unvaccinated people in an indoor environment when not in the water
Ensure that water recreation facilities are operated in a safe manner following the requirements found in WAC 246-260 and WAC 246-262. These requirements include but are not limited to:
  • Adequate lifeguarding following the lifeguarding plans at each water recreation facility that is required to have lifeguards
  • Adequate provision of restrooms, locker rooms, and shower rooms where required
  • Proper maintenance of water quality (disinfectant and pH are in the acceptable ranges)
ALERT: Chlorine Shortage
Last summer, a Trichlor production facility burned to the ground. Supplies of Trichlor are projected to run out soon. This will cause safety issues and other challenges this pool season. You must maintain minimum disinfection levels at all times.

If you are considering on changing your disinfection system, you must obtain approval by Public Health prior to any changes, email for more information.
Minimum Disinfectant Levels

Chlorine 1.5 ppm
Stabilized Chlorine 2.0 ppm
Bromine 2.5 ppm

Chlorine 3.0 ppm
Stabilized Chlorine 3.5 ppm
Bromine 4.0 ppm
Schedule an educational inspection!
Facilities can schedule an educational inspection, this is to ensure the facility is ready for the 2021 swim season while providing education to onsite staff. Click the button below to request an inspection.
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