IN THE TRENCHES Newsletter: 9/10
Equipping mental health professionals in Supervision, Leadership, and Private Practice.
Consultation Group
Stay tuned! I’ll be sharing soon about a virtual monthly CEU using Go To Meeting. Topics covered will be Supervision, Leadership, and Private Practice.

LPC Board Meeting at DTS
  • Supervisor/Supervisee and Applications Meeting: 9/12
  • Complaints Meeting: 9/13
  • Board Meeting: 9/14

They come to Dallas every 2 years. If you live in the Metroplex, now is the time to go!
Leadership Book Recommendation
It’s My Pleasure by Dee Ann Turner

I really enjoyed this book! It gives a view inside Chick-Fil-A and the company’s Mission, Purpose,Values, and hiring techniques.

Private Practice
A huge learning curve for me was changing my mindset from being a counselor to being an business owner. As a business owner, I had to start being intentional: planning time to think, recognizing goals to achieve, having a vision for the future, and enlisting a coach to hold me accountable for all of these.
Supervision and Private Practice Consultation
One-hour consultations are available.
E-mail to schedule one today!
Supervision Tip:

LPC/LMFT supervisors, it is mandatory to meet with your Supervisees weekly regardless of the number of hours they are accruing for licensure or if they have a site to earn hours for licensure.
Favorite Quote Right Now:

“The decisions we make today will determine the stories we tell about our lives tomorrow.”-Craig Groeschel

It often feels like we are just surviving day to day in the responsibilities we are carrying. Each day we are making decisions. Those decisions are the stories we will tell and the legacy we will leave behind.