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From the Director from
Greetings from Williamsburg!

This issue of our newsletter is packed with updates, photos, and news from ITPIR researchers working in 13 different countries this summer.  This is all very exciting, but the biggest news to me is Professor Sue Peterson's return as Co-Director of ITPIR. Sue is a co-founder of ITPIR, a Principal Investigator on the TRIP Project , former Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and professor in the Government Department and International Relations Program. Over the next few months, Sue and I will hire to put a new leadership team in place that will focus on four goals:

  1. Increasing the impact of ITPIR's work in the policy community.
  2. Further integrating ITPIR's work with the teaching and research missions of W&M.
  3. Improving the quality of services offered to ITPIR researchers.
  4. Identifying the resources to make ITPIR financially sustainable in the long run.

I simply could not ask for a better partner than Sue Peterson. In addition to the re-organization of ITPIR, this summer we are supporting 79 student researchers here and abroad, teaching a course on policy entrepreneurship, hosting our annual Shark Tank Competition on August 3rd (come join us!), and bringing 50+ students to DC for conversations with policy practitioners. Most important, our students, faculty, and staff continue to dominate the City of Williamsburg C League beach volleyball team!

Mike Tierney '87
Co-Director, ITPIR
Events, Visitors, and Announcements events
We're Hiring!
We're searching for outstanding individuals to fill two open positions:

ITPIR Operations Director responsible for development, coordination, and day-to-day management.

AidData Parternships Associate  develops grant proposals to federal agencies, development finance institutions, bilateral aid agencies, foundations, and private donors.

Announcing the Inaugural Class of Trice Fellows
Thanks to a generous gift from Bob Trice '68 and Susan Trice '68 the first two Trice Fellows are out in the world. One Trice Fellow, Will Sheahan '17, is working with NepalMonitor  to hold trainings to build the GIS and data analysis capacity of their volunteers. On his experience so far, Will says "this program gives any aspiring development or public health worker a true appreciation for their  field. I am immeasurably grateful to be given this opportunity to learn and grow both as a professional and as a person."  Read more about the Trice's gift here , and stay tuned for the full story on the Trice Fellows in our Annual Report.

Senator Mark Warner
April 10th was a beautiful 80 degrees, but W&M students skipped the sunshine to spend an hour getting wonky with Sen. Warner. Director Mike Tierney moderated a lively Q&A between students and the senator. Read more about the event here.
New Policy Entrepreneurship Course
ITPIR's trying something new this summer: a "Policy Entrepreneurship" course open to our research assistants. Read more about it here. Everyone's welcome to attend the Shark Tank pitches on August 3rd - stay tuned for more details.

Bon Voyage, Summer Fellows
This June, ten host organizations around the world welcomed twelve graduate and undergraduate students to serve as AidData Summer Fellows for 2017. These students bring global focus and skills from a wide range of disciplines. Fellows from four universities in the US and the UK will spend ten weeks working with host organizations in Uganda, Peru, the Philippines, and Nepal promoting data literacy and building organizational capacity to use subnational data and geospatial analysis in decision making. Read more on The First Tranche.

ITPIR's First Spring Break Seminar in D.C.
In March, William & Mary's Study in D.C. program rolled out its inaugural 3-credit spring break course: "Foreign Policy: International Development, Security, and Commerce." Co-taught by Mike Tierney and David Trichler, students spent the week in D.C. networking with alumni and learning from policymakers from USAID, the State Department, and many more. Highlighted speakers included James Comey from the FBI and Wendy Sherman, negotiator of the Iran nuclear deal. After the whirlwind week, many of the students agreed: D.C. is so much more than what the media makes it out to be. 

For the Bold Campaign Celebration in D.C.
On April 28th, William & Mary celebrated the $1 billion For the Bold campaign in D.C. Several ITPIR folks were in attendance: ITPIR Director Mike Tierney, Kelvin Abrokwa '17, Lu Sevier '16, and AidData's Alex Wooley, Director of Partnerships and Communications. Kelvin was a featured student speaker! You can read more about the evening and watch a video recap
BBQ Diplomacy with MPP Students
ITPIR continues to build partnerships with other W&M departments, this time with the Public Policy Program. Their Masters students hosted an end-of-year BBQ featuring live music and a crawfish boil! ITPIR staff also stayed to hang out, and are eager to add crawfish to future BBQ menus.
AidData aiddata
AidData Hosts Events on European Foreign Aid and Data Graveyards,
AidData held two panels in D.C. - both in one busy week in April.

The first panel launched AidData's newest Policy Report: "Avoiding Data Graveyards:  Insights from Data Producers and Users in Three Countries." You can read the entire report here , and watch a video of the panel here.

"Into the Breach: European Foreign Aid in the Face of U.S. Retrenchment" brought experts together for a roundtable discussion of how Western development coordination efforts are perceived by those they seek to influence. Devex has a write-up on the panel here.
Pilot Program Launch and Workshop in Bogotá
In May, AidData co-hosted a two-day workshop in Bogotá on all-source financing for the Sustainable Development Goals. The 30-plus participants included representatives from Colombia's government, civil society, academia, and private sector. The brief, Financing the SDGs in Colombia , tracks funding for the SDGs,  identifies  pockets of social vulnerability in Colombia, and examines sectors where aid projects are concentrated. You can read it here.
Review of International Organizations Special Issue
Do multilateral development institutions provide good value-for-money? What are their comparative strengths and weaknesses? The June 2017 special issue of the Review of International Organizations - guest-edited by AidData's Daniel Nielson, Brad Parks, and Mike Tierney - features several articles by AidData-affiliated researchers investigating these questions. The entire issue is online.
The Bosnia Project bosnia
Prof. Pickering and Sonia Lunn '18 with the BOV
Faculty advisor Paula Pickering and last summer's lead student researcher Sonia Lunn '18 gave a presentation to William & Mary's Board of Visitors on the Bosnia Project. Sonia highlighted the project's outsized impact on students in both Williamsburg and Bosnia - especially given its size. In addition to the personal and professional effect, Prof. Pickering described the project's policy-relevant research. Conducted collaboratively at every stage, students have the opportunity to learn research skills and to promote intercultural communication. You can check out the presentation slides here (ppt).
Coming Soon: Summer 2016 Research Results
Keep an eye on the website for the results of last summer's research in Sarajevo! In order  to identify the lessons that most effectively promoted inter-cultural communication skills, W&M students  used a participatory action research approach incorporating multiple methods including baseline and endline surveys, interviews, daily class entrance and exit tickets, daily observation of teaching, and teaching portfolios. The Bosnia Project's Research in summer 2017 will build on the 2016 results and will also involve collecting data using qualitative and quantitative methods.
We're on Instagram! @wmbosniaproject
Follow the Bosnia Project's Instagram for all the highlights from Sarajevo!
CAD cad
New Grant from Innovations for Poverty Action
In May, CAD Director Professor Philip Roessler received a grant of nearly $300,000 from Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) as part of its Financial Inclusion Program for the project, "Incentivizing Mobile Money as a Financial Savings Instrument among Young Women in Tanzania."  The project is in collaboration with Flora Myamba, a researcher in Tanzania, Joe Price and Dan Nielson of Brigham Young University, and Wayne Sandholtz of University of California-San Diego.

CAD Students in Tanzania
During the summer, four William and Mary rising juniors - Henry Crossman, Ethan Harrison, Emily Mudd, and Jioni Tuck - are working on the savings study in Tanzania as research assistants. The students' research trip is supported by the Margaret S. Glauber Faculty-Student Research Fellows and Scholarship Fund at the Charles Center and the W&M Government department. Last semester the students took Professor Roessler's class on Mixed Methods for the Study of Conflict and Development to prepare for their research assistantships. Stay tuned for more updates from Tanzania!

Midline Survey on Tanzania Mobile Phone Study
CAD researchers worked with  Research on Poverty Alleviation of Tanzania  in March and April to complete a midline survey in its randomized-controlled trial on the pathway from mobile phone ownership to the use of mobile money. The 2,000-person study is supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and analyzes the effects of the cost-free distribution of basic mobile phones, smartphones, monthly credit vouchers, solar electrical chargers, and onboarding (group distribution and training) on the uptake of digital financial services and on women's welfare. Midline results will be available in July, and the endline is scheduled for October of this year.

CAD Partners with Monrovia Football Academy for
Impact Evaluation of Sport for Development
This spring CAD initiated a partnership with the  Monrovia Football Academy, a school founded in 2015 by W&M alumnus and former CAD student, Will Smith '14.  MFA provides Liberian children with academic classes, football (soccer) training, and life skills lessons to break down gender barriers, improve academic performance, and produce well-rounded leaders. CAD will conduct an impact evaluation of MFA as a model of sport for development and study its effects on students' cognitive and non-cognitive development. This summer a team of four W&M undergraduates will travel to Liberia to undertake the impact evaluation: Evan King '17, Eric Gelles '18, Samantha Mehring '20, and Liz Rosen '20.
PIPS pips
The Project on International Peace and Security
2017 Research Symposium
The 2017 PIPS Research Symposium in Washington, D.C. was held at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Loren DeJong Schulman, Deputy Director of Studies and the Leon E. Panetta Senior Fellow at the Center for a New American Security, served as discussant. 

To check out this year's outstanding white papers, visit the PIPS website
Student Accomplishments! 
PIPS is delighted to announce these fantastic accomplishments by our current and former students:

Layla Abi-Falah '17 (PIPS '16-'17) will be attending William & Mary Law School next academic year, where she will specialize in human security.  Layla recently briefed her white paper, "Silent No Longer: The Reintigration of Female Rape Survivors in Post-Conflict Society" to the United Nations chief gender equality officer in Beirut .

Matthew Bondy '17 (PIPS '16-'17) was awarded the International Relations Award for Excellence by William & Mary's International Relations Program. He also  won the Midwest Political Science Association award for the best overall paper presented as a poster, outperforming graduate students and faculty. 

Hali Czosnek '18 (PIPS '16-'17) will be attending Georgetown University's Masters of Arts in Security Studies Program next academic year.

Max Sterling '18 (PIPS '16-'17) earned the Department of the Army Superior Cadet Award, Class of 2018 and Revolutionary Guard Battalion Best Cadet Award, Class of 2018.

Catie Crowley '17 (PIPS '15-'16) accepted a position with IDInsight, a non-governmental organization that supports and conducts rigorous evaluations of development interventions. Catie will work in IDInsight's New Delhi office.


Isabel DoCampo '15 (PIPS '14-'15) will be attending Princeton University to earn an MPA in International Development with a certificate in Public Health.

Tyler Bembenek '15 (PIPS '13-'14) started a new job at Fidelity Investments as a sovereign research associate, where he will monitor the political and economic conditions in over fifteen countries .

Julie Snyder '15 (PIPS '13-'14) co-authored a CSIS report entitled "Stuck in Limbo: Refugees, Migrants, and the Food Insecure in Djibouti."

Katie Mitchell '14 (PIPS '11-'12) will be attending Georgetown University's McCourt School of Public Policy to earn a Masters in Public Policy.

Alumni Profiles: Andrew Hashim & Grace Perkins
The 2017-2018 academic year marks the 10th anniversary of PIPS's founding! As part of the commemoration, PIPS will profile alumni to celebrate the accomplishments of past students. 

Andrew Hashim '15 (2013-2014 Research Fellow) i s studying law with a Senior Status at the University of Cambridge and graduates July 1st. Andrew is editor of the Cambridge Law Review, President of the Hughes Hall Society, and was recently awarded a Hardwicke Entrance Scholarship by the Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn. This summer, Andrew is interning for Judge Evan Wallach of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and writing a paper on the legal implications of autonomous weapons systems.

Grace Perkins '14 (2013-2014 Research Fellow) currently works for USAID Power Africa, a U.S. government-led partnership that seeks to spur economic growth across Africa by spreading access to electricity and supporting private sector investments in energy. She focuses on policy, regulatory reform, and on-grid connections.
Carnegie Workshop on TRIP's 2017 Policymaker Survey of Trade and Development Practitioners
In partnership with the  University of Notre Dame   and with generous support from the  Carnegie Corporation of New York ,  TRIP   hosted academics and former policymakers for a two-day workshop on TRIP's upcoming survey of U.S. policy experts. Read more about it here.

Coming Soon: 2017 Faculty Survey
In August, TRIP will roll out its sixth Faculty Survey to thirty-seven countries in at least ten languages. The PIs, staff, and students hope to collect the opinions of 15,000 IR scholars worldwide. To see the results from the 2014 Survey, visit TRIP's website. 
First Release of IR Journal Data
Data from TRIP's comprehensive database of IR scholarly journals is now available on their website! You can view results breaking down the articles along fourteen variables including paradigm, issue area, and epistemology.

VIPCAT vipcat
Violent Intranational Political Conflict and Terrorism
In the Classroom and Beyond
Last semester, VIPCAT PI Steve Shellman taught both an introductory course to big data and a senior seminar on political violence and terror. Several students in the latter course wrote publication-worthy quantitative and qualitative research papers, breaking new ground on the scientific study of political violence. 

Prof. Shellman is also mentoring three freshman  Monroe Scholars. Their summer projects are affiliated with W&M's new Data Science Program.
Goodbye and Good Luck, Dr. Gomza
During his Fulbright stay at W&M, Dr. Ivan Gomza researched the radicalization of Ukrainian nationalists during the inter-war period, collaborating with W&M professors Steve Shellman, Paula Pickering, and David Feldman. In April, he delivered several public presentations on the topics of his specialization. Gomza also finished editing his manuscript on manipulation of the fears of national decay by French nationalists between 1871-1944. Overall, the semester was a fruitful sojourn that he very much enjoyed.  Upon his return to Kyiv, Dr. Ivan Gomza will serve as the TRIP project's partner in Ukraine.  
William & Mary's Institute for the Theory & Practice of International Relations catalyzes collaborative, interdisciplinary research in international relations. Students work alongside faculty to produce policy-relevant scholarship and contribute to international policy debates.