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40th Anniversary Weekly Coverage

No. 16, November 20, 2017

Jen Brew, Charley and Gus celebrate the finish atop Jockey's Ridge.
Jennifer Pharr Davis: In the end, it wasn't about the distance

On Saturday, Nov. 18, Jennifer Pharr Davis completed a task she began with her family at Clingmans Dome on Aug. 15: hiking the 1,175-mile Mountains-to-Sea Trail. She shares her thoughts upon completing her journey atop Jockey's Ridge State Park.

I wanted to hike the Mountains-to-Sea Trail to reclaim something that I lost. Instead, it made me realize everything I had gained.

In my twenties my identity was that of a long-distance hiker. I worked until I had enough money to tackle a long trail and then I set off into the woods for hundreds or thousands of miles. I don't think it was an addiction but it was certainly a lifestyle. I cherished the sinewy strength that appears under a soft layer of comfort, the freedom to think through your thoughts and clear your brain, the permission to feel deeply and act accordingly.

I still think of myself as a thru-hiker, I just assumed that I would have to wait until my children were much older before I could complete another long trail. When the opportunity arose to partner with the Mountains-to-Sea Trail and promote the footpath for its 40th Anniversary, I was thrilled.

"This was it!" I thought. "I am going to experience a thru-hike just like I used to."

But everything had changed. 

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Relive Jen's three-month journey : through the following:

Summiting Jockey's Ridge, finishing the MST
Jen's final day on the trail in pictures
Jen is joined by friends and family on her climb to the finish at Jockey's Ridge.
Jen: Done on the dune!
Friends of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail Executive Director Kate Dixon gives Jen a congratulatory hug.
What was Brewin' off the trail?

While Jennifer Pharr Davis made her way across the state on the MST, her support crew - hubby Brew, 4-year-old daughter Charley and just-turned-1 son Gus - joined her when they could.

And when they weren't hiking with her, they were having their own adventures just off the trail. Get a sense of Jen's final days on the trail from the perspective of Brew and the kids on Brew's Facebook page,   here .
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