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Dear Friends of Anderson's La Costa Nursery, 

Happy Valentine's Day! Fortunately, the days are starting to get longer but we still have plenty of cool SoCal weather ahead of us. Hope you are enjoying sunny but crisp days, splashes of rain now and again, and winter blooms that add a burst of color...all perfect for spending time outside and in your garden!

Check out our awesome nursery specials this month, including our annual pre-order rose sale just in time for Valentine's Day, and the ever-popular cactus and succulent sale!

20% off 
Pre-Order Roses
Cactus and Succulents

20% Off Pre-Order Roses ~ We are proud to feature our premier Southern California rose growing partner, Otto & Sons Nursery. Hundreds of gorgeous and healthy roses to choose from including David Austin, Hybrid Tea/Grandiflora, Floribunda, shrub, climbing, etc. We invite you to visit Otto & Son's website to preview and select the roses by type that you want.

Order and pay through Anderson's La Costa by March 7 to receive 20% off. Your roses will arrive sometime before the end of March - we will call you when they arrive. For pricing, availability, further questions, and to assist you complete your order, please stop by!

20% Off Cactus & Succulents ~ This sale is pretty self-explanatory for our in-stock selection. Most certainly one of our best.

In the next sections you will find "What's New in the Nursery..." with a few pieces of eye candy, plus monthly Gardening Tips for February to follow.

We hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day. Please stop by and visit as we are stocked with beautiful indoor and outdoor plants and are ready to serve you! We look forward to seeing you very soon.

Best regards,
Marc, Mariah and the Team 
at Anderson's La Costa

Whatsnew What's New at the Nursery ~ Plant & Photo Gallery

Happy Valentine's Day!

With the day of love right around the corner, how better to let someone know how much you care than to give them a living plant or something for their garden that they can love and take care of for years to come. Below you will find a few of our best seasonal items perfect for gift-giving, even if it's for your own yard!

Pink jasmine and Terra cotta hearts
make a wonderful pair

Heart-shaped pottery are a great way to display your lovely annuals, strawberries and succulents
Bonsai make excellent gifts any time of the year

Breathtaking beauty of camellias

The tropical indoor greenhouse is filled with plants to brighten any room in your home, and they make great center pieces

Anthurium and delicious monstera await you.
The charm of a peaceful frog, bromeliad and orchids
Looking for a quick gift? Just in time for Valentine's Day, pop a 4" annual into a wall hanging pot (above). Also, Jamie Wynne Kale's whimsical mini-container gardens are perfect for grab-and-go gift giving. A clever design planted with a combination of fresh living and cut flowers displayed in a sweet cachet pot.

Wishing you a very Happy Valentine's Day!
Love, Anderson's La Costa Nursery 

Garden Design & 

We would love to help you beautify your outdoor space! If you are interested in updating or creating a new and beautiful garden, our qualified Garden Design Team will be happy to help you!

A one-hour professional consultation at your home or office starts at $450. During the initial at-home visit, our designer will meet with you to learn about your vision, see your location and layout, take photos and measurements, and provide you with additional recommendations. The Designer will then develop a beautiful customized garden design for you including: 
  • an itemized recommended plant listing
  • a breakdown of costs of the proposed design
  • a follow up meeting at the nursery for a presentation of your design including plants samples and suggestions
  • a basic placement sketch for you to review
  • information on how to care for your new garden
For questions and more detail, please call 760-753-3153 or stop by the nursery. You may also visit our website to preview our designs and designers at
TipsFebruary Gardening Tips

At the top of this month's gardening tasks are planting and pruning trees and shrubs. In San Diego County, we can plant trees of all kinds: fruit trees, shade trees and flowering trees. It is an excellent time to transplant mature or established trees and shrubs while they are dormant. Don't fertilize newly planted trees or shrubs until after they have started to grow and then only very lightly the first year.

Click here to continue reading February Gardening Tips.

Newsletter Specials & Coupons

February Specials

20% Off Pre-Order Roses
Including David Austin, Hybrid Tea/Grandiflora, Floribunda, shrub, climbing, and more... 

20% Off Cactus & Succulents Aloe, Agave, Aeonium, Crassula, Echeveria, Euphorbia, Opuntia, Sedum, Sempervivium, Senecio, and on...

Specials good through March 7, 2021

Western Wood-Pewee

The Western Wood-Pewee is a medium sized
flycatcher with a peaked crown that gives its head a triangular shape. They are a common breeder in open forest and riparian areas across the Western United States.

This flycatcher of western woodlands is best known by its voice. Its burry, descending whistle has a hazy sound, well suited to hot afternoons. This bird also sings at dawn and dusk, including late in the evening when most songbirds are quiet. This species and the Eastern Wood-Pewee look 
almost alike. 

Migration: Strictly a summer resident in North America, arriving late April and May and departing before mid October. Migrates at night.

Feeding Behavior: Most foraging is done by watching from an exposed perch within the shady middle or lower branches of a tree, then flying out to catch an insect in the air. It also flies out and hovers while taking insects from foliage, twigs and tall grasses.

Diet: Feeds almost entirely on insects, mostly flying ones, only occasionally eating a few berries. Diet features various kinds of flies, wasps, bees, winged ants, months, beetles including a few caterpillars.

Nesting: The male sings to defend a nesting territory and attract a mate. The female builds the nest on a horizontal branch, usually well out from the trunk. The nest is a compact cup of grass, plant fiber, feathers, and hair in a spider web 
frame, at varying heights from the ground. The outside of the nest is camouflaged with moss, bud scales, leaves, and lichen, and often looks like a bump or knot on the branch. Typically, clutches are three eggs, but can be from two to four eggs. The female incubates the eggs for 14 to 15 days. Both parents help feed the young, which fledge at about 16 days, and leave the nest within three days of fledging.

Cool Facts: The Eastern and Western wood-pewees are very difficult to tell apart visually. Their breeding ranges overlap only in a very narrow zone in the Great Plains. Despite their similarity, no evidence has ever been found that the two
species interbreed in that area.

Because of the difficulty of separating Eastern from Western wood-pewees, and because some records of wintering pewees, might refer to migrants, the exact wintering range of the Western Wood-Pewee is not known precisely. Best guess is mature tropical forest.

The Western Wood-Pewee makes a clapping noise with its bill while chasing and attacking intruders in nest defense.

The oldest recorded Western Wood-Pewee was a female, at least 8 years, 1 month old when she was recaptured and released during a banding operation in California.

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