The Road Map Project is a region-wide effort aimed at improving education to drive dramatic improvement in student achievement from cradle to college and career in South King County and South Seattle. 

The Road Map Project is supported by the Community Center for Education Results (CCER), a nonprofit organization.

Below, you'll find updates from around the Road Map Project. Please email with any questions or comments. 

Opportunity youth efforts in the news

In case you missed it, media outlets are spotlighting the new, regional Reconnect to Opportunity (aka ReOpp) effort that is working to connect young people to education and employment! The Seattle Times recently wrote this article about the work the ReOpp team is doing:
ReOpp was also featured on Univision Seattle! Click the link below to watch ReOpp team member  Hannelore Makhani, Re-Engagement System Manager for King County Employment and Education Resources,  discuss the upcoming 100K Opportunity Fair as well as ReOpp's work throughout King County:
Don't forget you can find ReOpp on Facebook and Twitter
SOAR Early Learning Collaboration Manager position open

There is an exciting opportunity available for those interested in helping our region meet its early learning goals! The new Early Learning Collaboration Manager at SOAR will support and staff the Road Map Project Birth to 3rd Grade Work Group and other early learning coalitions.
Staffing duties will include planning, convening and facilitating meetings, setting agendas, providing clear and consistent communication, supporting strategy implementation, building shared accountability and developing and maintaining relationships with a broad set of stakeholders. 

Click here to read the job description. You can learn more about the Birth to 3rd Grade Work Group's evolution over the years by reading this new blog post, written by CCER's Lynda Petersen.

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