Quite a lot to unzip in this installment.

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Whenever there are no convenient legal grounds to transition tenants out of rental units, we have always been proponents of tenant buyout agreements and now, with courts essentially shut down, this vehicle may have extra appeal if the only goal is to effectuate a vacancy. We  provide an overview here .

Berkeley has made it on our radar for a couple of reasons. It joins Oakland in an exclusive club of cities that conceal criminal histories from rental property owners and operators, a subject  we take on here . Berkeley also captured our attention by expressing its disfavor for fees attendant to the revolving door of roommates, and we  cover the ban in this update .

The attorneys of Bornstein Law are grateful for the many participants of our free legal clinic and before we close the curtains on the month of May, our team extends our invitation to air out your concerns in a   complimentary, ¼ hour consultation .

A few bad apples spoil the bunch. We were alarmed to hear of isolated reports that shock the conscience, but it serves as a good opportunity to  remind owners and operators  that there needs to be a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment.

The Department of Real Estate has urged licensees to heed the guidelines of safely conducting real estate transactions, and we  share the government’s tutelage here .

Finally, Daniel will join a panel on March 27th to discuss everything Accessory Dwelling Units, or in-law units, granny flats, whatever term you like, and you are cordially invited to attend with the promo code of BORNSTEINLAW to   reserve your seat at no charge

In the darkest of times, we have seen people shine the brightest, and we absolutely commit to emulating this. Please call upon us for informed advice if you need clarity. 
Join our panel for a discussion on everything Accessory Dwelling Units
We are pleased that regulators have put away the scalpel and put the machete to regulations in constructing Accessory Dwelling Units or legalizing those in the shadows, but this is still tricky stuff, folks. Daniel will participate in a webinar on this subject May 27th.

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