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February, 2019 - In This Issue:
Adams Aviation distributes and stocks a huge range of fluids that are used on a daily basis.

As a piston or turbine operator or maintenance facility you have a large and increasingly complex requirement of oils, lubes and greases. It's important to understand what is available on the market and be able to trust a supplier who has the depth of knowledge and breadth of products to ensure you're properly supported. Here at Adams Aviation we don't just distribute and stock a huge range of fluids that are used on a daily basis but we also have dedicated fluids specialists in Dave Heppell and Michael Daltrey. They can help guide you to better - and better value - solutions. A consolidation in the supply chain in this sector has led to inflexibility, but the range we offer lends itself perfectly to providing these key day-to-day ingredients.

For turbine aircraft and business jets we stock the TKS Fluid by Aerosense, as used in the "weeping wing" de-icing system, in the popular 4x5ltr cartons which avoids the high shipping costs often associated with this product. Eastman Turbo Oil 2380 (ETO2380) has demonstrated superior competitive performance in many different types of engines, but specifically in the highly demanding environment of the turboprop engines, with more than 70% of the PT6 engines being lubricated by ETO 2380.

Fo r piston-powered aircraft we carry all the most common oils and greases as well as some of the more specific products. SWEPCO 201 90w Multi-Purpose Gear Oil is used in the gearbox on the Robinson R22 & R44 models (identified in the Robinson parts catalogue as A257-2) and is formulated with proprietary LUBIUM II anti-oxidation/anti-corrosion package and other advanced additive chemistry. Also recommended for use in Robinson R22/R44, as well as many other Lycoming & Continental engine applications, is TOTAL AERO DM 15W. Approved to SAE J-1899 (Previously MIL-L-22851 D), the product already contains the equivalent of LW-16702 in the correct proportion.

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  Levil family
LeviI Aviation revolutionised the role of tablets in the cockpit by pioneering the first iPad-compatible wireless avionics suite. By combining state-of-the-art avionics into an entirely self-contained, wireless, battery-powered platform, LeviI Aviation provided the opening for Electronic Flight Guides to become more than just a flight planning tool, but a completely independent glass panel in the palm of your hands.
This technology gave birth to both the ilevil series (which is now in its 3rd generation) and to the BOM or Broadcasting Outer Module (Levil Aviation's new self-powered, all-in-one avionics suite) - all of which are now available from stock at Adams Aviation.
The ilevil series currently comes in 3 options: the Sport which is popular for those who don't require the ADS-8 platform; the SW which is the ideal unit for back-up avionics; the AW which is perfect for where weight and space are a concern.
The BOM is the first and only all-in-one avionics suite that mounts under the wing of the aircraft and has attracted enormous interest from the light aviation community, not only because of its design but also its build quality and functionality.

"After rigorous testing it seems the BOM has hit the jackpot with affordable cockpit instrumentation" - Ian Fraser, LAA Mag Jan 2019

Check out the features of all these innovative products  HERE

Why is the BBGA an important organisation in our industry?

BBGA is a "not for profit" organisation that exists solely for the benefit of its members. As a voice for the industry, BBGA goes to where individual businesses and others cannot go in order to protect and advance the Business and GA sector, right across Europe.

This year's annual conference, taking place at Luton in the UK on 7th March 2019, is tackling the difficult subject of what can be done to encourage the next generation of aviation enthusiasts into meaningful positions within our industry. It is no secret that there is a dwindling supply of aircraft engineers that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later and so this year's theme of "TOMORROW'S PEOPLE TODAY" is such an important one.

In 2018 the BBGA conference examined future technologies and what our industry will look like in years to come with the advent of unmanned aircraft and the like. For 2019 they will examine the people that our industry will require. With an ageing workforce and a lack of new entrants to aviation how do we future-proof our industry. Organisations are now looking 'outside the box' in terms of training and support. The conference will look at colleges, apprentices and training programmes, together with asking existing trainees what attracted them to this sector. BBGA will focus the minds of attendees to think about the impending shape of aviation in term of its workforce, even examining the profile and length of a lifetime in a career.

This could be your best chance to learn how to recruit, train and retain the talent your department needs to thrive in the future and so is not to be missed.


The BBGA are offering to deduct the total cost for 1 x Day Delegate rate (£630) from the first year subscription to the association to any company who books onto the conference and subsequently decides to join. This affords a significant saving and the perfect incentive to join this premier event and to hear from industry leaders and to network with industry colleagues.

Click here for more information about the conference and the benefits of becoming a valued member of the BBGA.

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