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Latino Service Providers' E-newsletters consist of vital infor­mation that is relevant to the Latino community. Our goal is to increase cultural competency, and help advocate for Latinos in Sonoma County. LSP partici­pates in a variety of community events and educational programs that serve the Latino population.

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Job OpportunitiesJOBSSS

Latino Service Providers 

Para más información llame a Food Connections en el Banco de Comida Redwood Empire - (707) 523-7903.
 La lista de sitios esta disponible en línea:

Chalkboard Players Creative Arts Camp

July 16 - July 20, 2018 | 10am - 3pm | Ages 8-13
Rohnert Park Community Center | 
5401 Snyder Lane, Rohnert Park 94928
This week-long day camp is especially designed for young people currently involved in the child welfare system. This includes kids placed in resource families, kinship care, group homes, or whose caregivers are participating in court-ordered or voluntary Family, Youth, and Children's Services. 
Learn More & Register Here

Lowering Inflammation & Managing Sugar

If you have already taken the Healing Foods Basics class and would like to know more, this class is for you. We will learn about inflammation: what causes it and what foods lower it. We'll also look at the health impacts of sugar consumption and how manage blood sugar without feeling deprived. You'll leave knowing that a sweet and healthy life is possible!

This class involves a hands-on portion, and we will make a healthy dish together.

Invite your friends to join you, on   Facebook. 

I'm working on an awareness campaign to shed light on health disparities in Latino communities. I'm excited to share a few valuable resources with you! Each of these were specifically created to help communities better understand important topics.

Please help spread this information and combat health disparities!

All the best,
Katie Stehno
ESD Banner_500  
Free Training for High Performance Residential Design and Construction
MI-BEST® (Mobile Integrated Building Energy Science Training) Series - July 16 through July 20
MI-BEST is a series of five consecutive days of training designed to be taken in sequence. MI-BES joins the art of construction to the science of energy and moisture management. It provides building professionals an opportunity to learn and practice techniques that might otherwise take many residential projects to experience and troubleshoot. Students are encouraged to stay for the entire series but may alternately sign up for individual days to learn specific skills.
These trainings are organized by PG&E and offered in collaboration with the County's General Services Energy and Sustainability Division, County of Marin Community Development Agency, and Sonoma Clean Power. Lunch will be provided for class participants.
Register via the links below or go to .
DAY ONE: Building Envelope and Duct Testing - July 16, 9am-5pm
Classroom: Basic energy science and pressure diagnostics, manometer law and manometer
usage. Hands On: Blower Door - Includes both pressurization and depressurization
techniques. Duct Testing - Total leakage and leakage to outside.
DAY TWO: Air Flow Measures and Static Pressure - July 17, 9am-5pm
Classroom: Static pressure and airflow, air flow measurement techniques-plenum pressure
matching method, flow hood, flow grid. room to room pressure diagnostics including duct
leakage diagnostics, (finding leaks with a manometer). Hands On: Static pressure and airflow
measurements, using the equipment approved in California. Fan watt draw and airflow
DAY THREE: Refrigerant Charge Verification - July 18, 9am-5pm
Classroom: Refrigerant charge and equipment calibration. Hands On: Combine the airflow
techniques with refrigerant charge procedures, multiple opportunities to practice on various
pieces of equipment.
DAY FOUR: Building Pressures and Ventilation Verification - July 19, 9am-5pm
Classroom: Room to room pressure diagnostics and duct leakage diagnostics. ventilation
issues and fan flows. Hands On: Room to room pressure diagnostics, effects of ventilation
fans on room pressures.
DAY FIVE: Thermal By-Pass, Quality Insulation Installation, Advanced Building Envelope - July 20, 9am-5pm
Classroom: Discuss thermal bypass, quality insulation installation, combustion analysis, and
thermal imaging. Hands On: Inspect a wall section, working some of the areas discussed. Use
an IR camera and review the results. 80 and 95 AFUE Combustion analysis

¡Espacio es limitado!

Para información o para hacer su reservación
de equipo para cámpar contacte:
Alana Fichman | Educadora Bilingüe
(707) 591-1726 o

¡El Verana ya está a la vuelta!

¿Quiere entretener e involucrar a sus hijo/as en actividades divertidas e educacionales?
¡Inscriban sus hijo/as en uno o más de los Campamentos de Verano ofrecidos por Parques Regionales del Condado de Sonoma! Estamos ofreciendo becas para niños/as que las necesitan. Por favor lean la información incluida en este email para más detalles de los campamentos, costo y como recibir una beca.

Preguntas sobre los campamentos contacten a Shelly Spriggs al:
707-483-0940 o

Preguntas sobre las becas contacten a Pam McBride al: 707-565-1355 o

One of the most effective ways to do this is by becoming a CASA volunteer. We are thankful that approximately 220 children in foster care in Sonoma County have a Court Appointed Special Advocate, a CASA, to help guide and advocate for them in the judicial and child welfare system. Unfortunately, at the same time we have 55 children still waiting for a CASA and referrals being received weekly.
Research shows that children in foster care, who have a CASA, live happier, healthier lives as adults. As little as 10 -12  hours a month can make a child's life brighter. Our Sumner  training begins July  19 th . Visit or call  707 - 565-6375.

Check out the  CASA Youtube Channel.

The YWCA Sonoma County considers our volunteers one of our biggest assets. Have you considered giving your time and talent as a YWCA volunteer?

By taking YWCA Sonoma County's 40-hour Domestic Violence training you qualify for volunteer positions such as: 
  • Supporting the Advocates at our Confidential Safe House
  • Answering calls on our 24/7 Domestic Violence Hotline
  • Serving in our Court Accompaniment Program
  • Facilitating Support Groups

Our training is also geared toward people who work in health and human services organizations  or work at partner agencies where certification in Domestic Violence is key.


This process is one of the most important tasks we will face as a business owner or key member of Managment. If we hire a warm body just to fill a need we may create more problems than existed while being short of help. Each employee has 40 man hours weekly to do work but if the new person does less than other employees, will that employee bring down the productivity of our existing employees? If their attitude does not compliment what we already have will it drag down teamwork? If an employee comes to work under the influence they are more likely to cause a work accident. Damage to equipment is bad but causing harm to a person will be extremely hard for us as employers to deal with. Plus we will be liable for legal action. And we will have Workers Comp issues.

APPLICATION. It is a good idea to have potential employees complete the application on the business premises. Now you have to opportunity to look at how the potential employee follows directions. Can you read what he/she put on your application? What if that employee has to complete forms for the company. If someone else completed the application for a candidate outside of the work place you may get a false impression of the potential employee.

INTERVIEW. The owner should spend as much time as practical going over the application and determining why the candidate wants to work for your company. It is a good idea to have another key employee sit in with you during the interview to get a second opinion. If the potential person is a female then it is a good idea to have a female team member with you.

DRUG TEST. This is very important to our hiring process. It has been determined that 35% of all applicants do not pass this exam. Often it involves more than one drug.

PHYSICAL. Being sure a person has the ability to do the job opening you have is important. The physical should be tied to the job description and what abilities are necessary to safely do the tasks. Legal advise is necessary to see just how you can use the physical in determining hiring a person.

It is critical today to have these in writing and updated annually.
GoSmallBiz powered by the Fran Tarkenton Group and LegalShield Business Solutions can assist you with all of the

GoSmallBiz-TarkentonGroup/LegalShield Business Services 707-484-3663...cell
Title of Announcement: Family Support Paraprofessionalparapo
Bilingual/biliterate in English/Spanish Required

Salary: $15.48-$22.83 per hour, Placement dependent on experience
Closing Date: 7/2/18 4 pm

Intro: This is a Pre-K Position. Those assigned to work with the Pre-K age group are required, at a minimum, to possess a Child Development Associate Teacher Permit or higher or multiple subject credential.

Under the direction of the Area Associate Director or designee, the Family Support Paraprofessional provides supplemental academic and support services and advocacy for migrant students in collaboration with parents, schools and community agencies.

Qualifications Education:
1. A.A., A.S.
2. A minimum of one year experience working with students and families in an education, social and/or health related field that reflects the ability to perform the duties described above.
3. Those assigned to work with the Pre K age group are required, at a minimum, to possess a Child Development Associate Teacher Permit or higher or multiple subject credential.

Online applications only; no paper copies will be accepted. All online applications must be accompanied by the following attachments; (incomplete applications will not be accepted):
* Cover Letter
* Resume
* Three Letters of Recommendation
* Copy of transcripts showing A.A. or A.S. Degree
* Child Development Associate Teacher Permit or higher or multiple subject credential.

Title of Announcement: Executive Directorexectuivd

Intro: Teen Services Sonoma's (TSS) is a 501 (c)(4) nonprofit located in the Springs Area of Sonoma Valley. Its mission is to engage and support teens and young adults with work-readiness skills and experiences that empower them to succeed.
TSS provides employment and career resources to young people ages 14-24 in collaboration with
schools, local businesses and other nonprofits. Our programs include work-readiness courses, workexperience and on-the-job-training in one of our three micro-businesses, job placement services, personalized coaching, and career exploration and preparation.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director of Teen Services Sonoma is responsible for the organization's consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives. The Executive Director (ED) can and will delegate responsibility to appropriate staff members. The ED is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs, and strategic plan of the organization as well as fundraising, marketing, and community outreach.

● An unwavering and passionate commitment to providing high quality programmatic opportunities for teens and youth
● Excellent written and verbal communication skills
● Proven leadership, communication, and budgeting/fiscal analysis skills
● A leadership style that is firm and goal-oriented, yet motivates and engages others with enthusiasm
● Strong fundraising and public relations experience with the ability to engage a wide range of stakeholders

● Ability to communicate in Spanish as well as English
● Past success working in a nonprofit organization
● Connections with local leaders and other nonprofits within Sonoma County
● Comprehensive understanding of government operations at the local level

Salary: $65,681.67 - $79,811.48 Annually
Closing Date:7/5/2018 

Intro: Social Service Worker (SSW) IV's in the Adult & Aging Division provide a full range of social services required to protect older and dependent adults from neglect, abuse, or exploitation, and provide case management services for elders and adults with disabilities who need support to stay safely in the community. SSW IV's have responsibility for an assigned caseload of clients. These positions require extensive training and experience in case management and in the development of risk assessments, service plans, and community resources. 

Ideal candidates will possess:
A Master's Degree in Social Work, Gerontology, or a related field
Experience working with frail, low income and elderly populations and/or people with disabilities
Community care coordination, mental health, and/or counseling experience

For more information, including benefits, and to apply online, please visit  or call 707-565-2331

Intro:  SHS Project PRIDE program serves Santa Rosa gang affiliated, adjudicated youth and families involved with Sonoma County Probation. As part of SHS Project PRIDE program, the Youth Specialist will work in the natural environments of assigned clients (school, neighborhood venues, and home) to provide eligible youth with an array of intensively delivered evidenced based treatment services which address emotional, substance abuse and familial issues.

The ACT program serves youth and families involved with Sonoma County Probation. It is an intensive family and community-based treatment program designed to make positive changes in the various social systems (home, school, community, peer relations) that influence SED probation-involved youth with substance abuse problems who are at risk of out-of-home placement.

The Youth Specialist will work in the natural environments of assigned clients (school, neighborhood venues, and home) to provide eligible youth with an array of intensively delivered evidenced based treatment services which address emotional, substance abuse and familial issues.

The Youth Specialist will work as part of a multidisciplinary team focused on building family and community support and resource systems and will collaborate with ACT team members to ensure effective delivery of treatment plans. Weekly clinical supervision will be provided in conjunction with annual training plan.

Contact E-mail

Title of Announcement: Health Officerhealthoffice

Salary: $182,142.97 - $221,380.83 Annually
Closing Date: 7/11/2018 

Intro: Sonoma County is seeking a skilled and dynamic physician who is passionate about community health improvement as its next Health Officer. Recognized for its commitment to innovation and collaboration, the County of Sonoma strives to be the healthiest county in California. The Health Officer plays a key leadership role in bringing this vision to reality. The Health Officer is appointed by the Board of Supervisors and reports to the Director of Health Services for administrative direction. To view the color brochure, please click  here.
The ideal candidate will:
  • Be a strategic thinker who can identify courses of action and paths that advance the health goals of the community and opportunities for engagement.
  • Provide forward thinking direction in the application of the principles and practices of community health, preventive medicine, environmental health, emergency medical services, and integrated behavioral health.
  • Be action and results oriented, passionate about improving social factors that influence health outcomes for the community, with hands on experience in community health practice.
  • Be an initiator, identifying new possibilities for combining opportunities and resources to advance community health policies and goals.
  • Be a relationship builder who understands the strengths and roles of the health care community, fosters relationships with County and community partners, and leads in the advancement of shared vision.
  • Possess excellent communication skills, skilled in communicating orally and in writing, with presentation skills that move audiences to engagement and action.
  • Be able to work independently, while supporting various work team models, in support of the Department of Health Services Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan implementation.
Title of Announcement: Community Services Officercommunitservcie

Salary:  $4,739.58 - $5,761.00 Monthly
Closing Date:  7/2/2018 

Intro:  Community Services Officers perform a variety of technical and public relations activities within the Police Department not requiring peace officer status. Duties will vary depending on assignment and future needs of the department. Examples of responsibilities include developing and delivering presentations to community groups; coordinating programs such as vehicle abatement (towing), and graffiti abatement; documenting, photographing and processing basic crime scenes not in progress and traffic collisions with property damage or minor injury; and traffic control. 
Community Services Officers work independently or as part of a team at locations throughout the City, exercising a considerable amount of independent judgment. Initiative; excellent oral and written communication skills; strong interpersonal and customer service skills; ability to learn technical skills such as fingerprint and evidence collection; and demonstrated use of good judgment in interpreting and applying laws and policies are required. Successful candidates will have extensive work experience interacting with the public, and use of basic office software. Experience in a law enforcement environment, and law enforcement-related training are highly desirable.

Please view the Pre-Employment Driving History Standards Brochure, click HERE
Please view the Illegal Drug Use Standards Brochure, click HERE

Title of Announcement: Preschool Teacher preschoolteacher

Salary: $14.00-$16.00

Position Summary: Working under the direction of the Center Director/Site Supervisor and in collaboration with the other teaching staff, teachers are responsible for developing and implementing a quality childcare program that helps develop children's physical, social/emotional, and cognitive areas of development. This can include, but is not limited to, modeling positive communication, nurturance, and effective problem-solving skills. Responsible for planning classroom and small group activities around weekly themes and children's skill set, setting-up and cleaning-up activities, assisting with the arrival and departure of children, and maintaining appropriate classroom records. Teachers develop and maintain professional communication and dialogue with parents and hold bi-annual parent/teacher conferences with the family of their primary group of students. They also complete necessary assessments for children and participate in all Center activities.

Prerequisite Qualifications The candidate must meet the following criteria in order to be considered for employment in this position:
* Must meet the Associate Teacher or Teacher requirements of the California Department of Education, Child Development Division, for Title 5 child care center as follows:
Must currently possess, or be qualified to apply for and be granted the Associate Teacher Permit
Option 1: 12 units ECE/CD including core courses
Option 2: Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential.

Or the Teacher Permit:
Option 1: 24 units ECE/CD including core courses plus 16 General Education (GE) units
Option 2: AA or higher in ECE/CD or related field with 3 units supervised field experience in ECE/CD setting
* Must have at least one year experience working in a licensed child care facility.
* First aid and CPR certificates a plus.
* Prior to employment, obtain fingerprint clearance and pass TB testing
* Prior to employment, must pass pre-employment physical and drug test
* Prior to employment or within 30 days of employment provide proof of immunizations to influenza, pertussis and measles.
* Valid CA driver's license and current auto insurance

TO APPLY: Submit Resume & Cover Letter to with "Teacher" in subject line. 
Title of Announcement: Associate MFT / ACSW  mft

Salary: $15.00 - $17.00

Job summary: Under the direction of the Therapy Program Manager and our team of Clinical Supervisors, the Associate MFT/ACSW provides direct clinical services to women, men, children, and families who have either experienced or witnessed domestic violence or who have experienced or are at risk of abuse. This position includes: providing direct psychotherapy treatment, performing client psychosocial assessments, developing treatment plans and guiding the treatment process, developing exit plans, providing psychological and emotional support to clients, facilitating client support groups, adhering to client confidentiality standards, training in trauma informed therapy and participating in individual as well as two hours of group supervision each week. In an attempt to foster greater client empowerment, all direct psychotherapy treatment duties are to be carried out through a client-driven model through which client input heavily shapes treatment plans and goals. This position requires a minimum one year commitment that may be extended at the agreement of both parties.

Prerequisite Qualifications The candidate must meet the following criteria in order to be considered for employment in this position:
* Experience working with children, adolescents and families preferred.
* Experience or interest working with survivors of trauma and providing trauma-informed care.
* Demonstrated oral, written and interpersonal communication skills, including ability to relate to diverse client and community population via telephone and in person.
* Master's Degree from accredited college or university in the field of marriage and family counseling, social work or psychology and/or all academic preparation required for licensing or internship as defined by state licensing requirements.
* Must be currently working toward the fulfillment of associate MFT or ACSW hours
* Satisfactorily pass a drug screen (provided by agency).
* Satisfactorily pass background check and DOJ fingerprint clearance.
* Valid driver's license, current auto insurance, ability to transport self to job-related events and education locations
* Experience with Windows operating system.

To apply please send a cover letter with salary requirements and a resume to with "Associate MFT / ACSW in subject line.
Title of Announcement: Lead Teaching Assistant: Group Behavior Management Program leadteaching

Salary: $18.00/hour

Lattice Educational Services, located in Santa Rosa, offers a variety of educational and behavioral services to students, ages 5 to 22, with moderate to severe developmental disabilities. Among the services offered include a Special Day Class program and a Group Behavior Management Program along with other support services. Additionally, Lattice offers early intervention and preschool services to children ages 2 to 5. All services offered take place in a highly structured and individualized setting.

Benefits include: Employee Health and Dental Coverage, and optional participation in AFLAC and Retirement program.

Schedule: Non-exempt, Hourly, 8:15am-4:45pm (Monday-Friday). Full time based on program schedule.  full-time 

Summary of Position
Under the direction of the Group Behavior Management Program (GBMP) Coordinator, a GBMP Lead Instructional Assistant at Lattice Educational Services is responsible for assisting in the overall function of the program, providing direction to Instructional Assistants and implementing behavioral programs for students with severe disabilities.

Salary: $6,764 - $8,219 Monthly

The County of Sonoma Department of Health Services seeks candidates for multiple Supervising Environmental Health Specialist (EHS) positions to join us in developing cooperative working relationships with the community and other regulatory agencies to protect public health and promote sound environmental practices. 

As a vital part of Environmental Health leadership, the Supervising EHS plans, directs, and coordinates the work of the Consumer Protection Program and is the first line supervisor of the EHS team. 
Specific duties include:
  • Training, developing, and leading program staff
  • Advising, educating, and assisting individuals and community groups with environmental health issues
  • Conducting complex field observations in conjunction with law enforcement
  • Conferring with local and state officials concerning environmental health, sanitation methods, and public health issues
  • Assisting with the development and improvement of Environmental Health programs
Ideal candidates will possess:
  • Lead or supervisory experience
  • Strong communication, interpersonal, and analytical skills
  • Strength in coaching, leading, developing, and motivating staff
  • The ability to assess a situation and recommend appropriate solutions in a complex regulatory environment
Please note: This position requires current possession of a valid certificate of registration as an Environmental Health Specialist as required by the State of California's Health and Safety Code.

For more information & to apply online, visit or call 707-565-2331. EOE 

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