Good News Recap: March 2020
Coming Together
Thank you so much to all of those individuals who have made donations to LCH over the last couple of weeks. Your support means the world to us right now as we strive to keep our doors open and our community healthy. To help LCH during the COVID-19 pandemic , click on “Most Pressing Need” from the drop-down menu. And thank you to all of the LCH staff who are on the front lines in our centers and behind the scenes keeping our buildings open. Watch this video to see some of those shining faces.
Mission Moments
Watching Families Grow at LCH
The first time Hiteshkumar Patel and his wife visited to LCH in 2017, they received life-changing news. The test came back positive: they were going to have a baby! At that point, Mrs. Patel decided...
Project CURE Supplies LCH
A huge thank you to Project CURE for their donation of gloves, masks, and gowns. Thanks to their quick action and generosity, LCH is well supplied and ready for these critical health times. We are so grateful to have them as neighbors. Project CURE is making an amazing impact in our local communities, across the country, and across the world.
Good News
LCH Doors Open for Acute Care
At this time, we have shifted to an acute care setting, with a focus on sick patients and patients with dental emergencies and women's health related concerns. But we are still here! Visit our homepage to see our current list of services or download our bilingual service update flyer. Please don't hesitate to call us with questions or concerns. Changes are ongoing, and we are adjusting our workflow with the safety and health of our patients and staff as our priority.
Unemployment Resources
Our Social Assistance Team can help anyone review their options and applications for unemployment compensation via phone. Call 610.444.7550 X7.

Are you an essential business in need of a workforce? Many members in the community are currently experiencing unemployment due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Contact Clark to share your current openings and connect further with potential employees.
Emergency Care at LCH Dental Center
During the pandemic, our dental team is available to see kids, teens, and adults who are having a dental emergency. This includes new patients who are not currently part of our practice. As a community health center, it is our mission and passion to be a resource for all. Watch a brief video for more details on the types of services we are currently providing.
Pediatric Construction Under Way
Despite the different business closings, it is our mandate to open our pediatric office in West Grove as soon as possible in order to spread out our patient population and minimize risk. We are hopeful to have our doors open by the end of April. Acute visits for pediatrics and well child visits for ages two and under are currently taking place in our Kennett Square location.
Voices Heard
LCH has seen a lot of positive engagement with two of our outreach initiatives: the 2020 Census and Absentee Ballots. Even though community members are at home, many have access to online resources to fill out their forms. Keep spreading the word! Download our bilingual census flyer and connect with us on social media: #EverybodyCountsLCH #TodosContamosLCH
Meet the Team
Eliana Jarquin
 Medical Assistant
We are so proud of our direct service staff that are helping to keep our doors open by providing essential health care to the community. Meet one of these amazing people, Eliana.
Celebrating our Health Care Champions
March is a busy month in health care as we nationally recognize social workers, human resource professionals, registered dietitian nutritionist (RDNs), dentists, doctors, and dental assistants. Now more than ever we can see the integral impact that our team has on creating and maintaining a happy, healthy community for all! Join this amazing team and help change lives!
Did You Know...
National Nutrition Month
The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics encourages all of us to make small, healthy changes to our daily lives that will lead to long-term health and wellness. LCH's Family Fitness Program is still accepting new patients, with an anticipated first appointment at the end of April. Contact Nefta to learn more.
Colon Cancer Awareness
March is  Colon Cancer Awareness Month. Early detection can save lives. Talk with one of our providers today about the different tests available, and learn about screening options during COVID-19.
Community Corner
CCHD Resources and Tips
Follow the Chester County Health Department's Facebook page for important updates on the progress of COVID-19, and important health tips for you and your family.
Domestic Violence During COVID-19
While practicing social distancing, home is not the safest space for everyone. The Domestic Violence Center of Chester County is available for everyone who needs help navigating a domestic violence situation during the pandemic. Call 1-888-711-6270. Find updated resources and tips on their Facebook page .
Food Resources in the Community
S chool districts are working to ensure that food is available for kids. Check their social media channels and websites for updates. And local food pantries like Kennett Area Communtiy Services (KACS) and Oxford Area Neighborhood Services Center (NSC) are open but have new protocols in place. Check their websites for updates. Not sure where to start? LCH is here to help coordinate and connect you with whatever you need.
SCCON Website
The Southern Chester County Opportunity Network (SCCON) now has a website. Connect with local community resources and leaders to help create lasting, positive change for all. Learn about initiatives for the local response to COVID-19.
Help Change Lives!
Our Mission: We change lives by serving southern Chester County as the leading provider of integrated health and community services.

 Our Vision: A vibrant, equitable, inclusive, prosperous, and healthy community for all.
Stay Connected with us
Please join us across our social media channels as we work to connect and educate the community about healthy lifestyle choices and resources for all.
Stay Connected with us
Please join us across our social media channels as we work to connect and educate the community about healthy lifestyle choices and resources for all.
Rate LCH on Google
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