July 7th, 2020
Michigan Produce Growers enjoy more Produce Safety Support!
Did you know that Michigan produce growers enjoy more on-farm produce safety support than growers in other states? The Michigan On-Farm Produce Safety Team provides FREE educational programs and farm visits through a collaboration between the Michigan Produce Safety Technician Program and members of Michigan State University Extension.
Video Spotlight: Working with your regional Produce Safety Technician!
Produce Safety Technicians offer FREE, Confidential, On-Farm Produce Safety Support!
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Providing Particulars on a Pair of Produce Safety Programs
Phil Tocco
MSU Extension Agrifood Produce Safety Educator
Implementing food safety practices on fruit and vegetable farms has been challenging. In response to this, a lot of different programs have sprung up to help. Growers have so many different programs to choose from, it can cause confusion as to what is the best route to take to ensure they are implementing the best practices for their operation. This article will review a few programs that often are confused.
Evaluating Water Sources
Jordan DeVries
Produce Safety Technician
The FSMA Subpart E Agricultural Water requirements are two years away – but it’s not too early to get a handle on your water system and start evaluating irrigation wells and surface water sources.
Lessons Learned from the Romaine Lettuce Outbreaks
Tune in to this podcast episode for a retrospective on how one localized food safety crisis impacted an entire industry.
In this 20-minute episode, you'll hear from Jordan DeVries, the Produce Safety Technician with Newaygo Conservation District, Ben Phillips, an MSU Extension Educator in the east central part of Michigan, and Beth Van Dyk, the food safety manager for Van Dyk farms. They discuss the romaine lettuce outbreaks from 2018 and 2019, and Beth speaks up about how these outbreaks have affected leafy greens growers in Michigan.
Michigan On-Farm Produce Safety Team
1715 Lansing Ave, Jackson, MI 49202 | MSU Extension MACD Produce Safety Technicians
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