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September 28, 2020
Managing Risks When Using Raw Manure...Is it a Crapshoot?
Emily Hale
Produce Safety Technician
Let’s say a grower wants to use manure as a soil amendment on their produce fields. They know that there is some risk associated with the use of manure, but what IS the risk? How can they manage their risk? And what does the FSMA Produce Safety Rule and industry research say about using manure? 
Do you know your poop? Hone your wildlife scouting skills using this interactive video!
Wildlife activity on the farm is a huge food safety risk, which is why it's crucial to scout your fields for animal damage prior to harvest. This interactive video leads you through a simulated preharvest wildlife assessment, where you can choose which areas you think are important to scout within your carrot field, and make your own decision on what to harvest.
Train your workers to spot wildlife damage using these flashcards!
With respect to wildlife damage, regular reminders of risk ensure workers do the right thing every time. On the following pages you can find several flash cards that you can cut out on the solid lines and fold along the dotted lines. Use these as part of a tailgate training with farm workers to start conversations around relative risk!
Do you have a preharvest wildlife scouting program in place at your farm?
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Yes, we have a program and all of our workers are well trained
No, we don't do preharvest wildlife scouting at our farm
We have something of a routine, but not all of our workers are well trained
We need some support to put together a wildlife scouting program
Apple growers! It's not too late to schedule your FREE On-Farm Readiness Review!
Apple season is underway! If you produce apples, it's time to schedule a free, voluntary and confidential FSMA Produce Safety Rule OFRR consultation at your farm.  We can help you reduce your Produce Safety risk, and we don't need to review any records!

An On-Farm Readiness review is a FREE, Voluntary and Confidential farm visit from members of the Michigan Produce Safety Team.
FREE Produce Safety Trainings for Michigan Growers!
The Michigan On-Farm Produce Safety team will offer six FREE Online Produce Safety Rule Grower Trainings this fall and winter.

Pre-registration is required and space is limited.

The UMass Extension Vegetable Program welcomes extension specialists and farmers to a series of online workshops all about water!

Michigan On-Farm Produce Safety Team
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