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December 21, 2020
Can We Predict Safe Manure Use?
Emily Hale
Produce Safety Technician
Are you a produce grower who uses, or wants to use, manure in your produce production? Can you be sure you are using manure safely? Let’s take a look at what the FSMA Produce Safety Rule says about manure use, and how research being done to develop a predictive model for manure application could help us forecast our risk.
What's the Scoop on Poop?
Jordan DeVries
Produce Safety Technician
"To shovel or not to shovel" is an important question facing growers who find fecal contamination in their fields and orchards. This can often depend on whether the waste is in a high foot traffic area, and how the individual handling it can contribute to the minimization of risks to produce items or food contact surfaces. Harvesters must take reasonable measures to avoid cross-contamination of pathogenic microorganisms to their crop, which can often mean removal is the best option.  
What types of wildlife do you encounter on your farm?
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Listen here to learn more about Managing Wildlife!
Two Michigan State University Educators discuss what happens when "good wildlife go bad!" Growers know that wildlife can be a problem from a crop damage perspective. But what about Food Safety!? Wildlife can create a significant challenge to On-Farm produce safety. Listen here to learn practical strategies for managing wildlife on the farm!
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The Michigan On-Farm Produce Safety team will offer FREE Online Produce Safety Rule Grower Trainings this winter and spring.

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