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June 13th, 2021
Visitors and Pets Can Pose Pathogen Risks
Learn how proper training can prevent the spread of human pathogens on your farm
Patrick Gordon
Produce Safety Technician

Domestic animals can create problems on produce farms. Many people would like to bring their pets along with them to U-Pick produce farms, without realizing the issues they cause. With proper worker training, many of the issues involving domestic animals can be properly mitigated. Workers can have the knowledge and tools necessary to keep your farm safe.
Worker Training for Produce Farms
Landen Tetil
Produce Safety Technician
From proper hand washing to inspecting harvest containers, these components make up a well-rounded worker training program in line with the training requirements of the FSMA Produce Safety Rule.
Challenges When Training Family
Can't work with 'em, Can't work without 'em!

Emily Hale
Produce Safety Technician
Many of Michigan’s produce farms are family farms. Working with family can be both challenging and rewarding. Working on a family farm, myself, I understand the ups and downs and volatile emotions that come with working on the farm with family. A few things to keep in mind while training family members include the importance of formal and informal training, bridging generational gaps, accessibility leads to success, being a great example, and creating a sense of ownership.
Online Produce Safety Supervisor Training
Michigan State University Extension is offering a FREE course for farm supervisors to provide support as they navigate the requirements of the FSMA Produce Safety Rule. This course will provide supervisors with information about the Produce Safety Rule, and how to use relevant resources to support their farm's compliance with the rule. Space is limited, register today!
Sign up today for an On-Farm Readiness Review!
This free, voluntary, and confidential service is your next step towards FSMA compliance
Many growers of fresh produce want to know how ready they are with regards to being FSMA compliant. In an effort to get people ready for a full implementation of FSMA, Cooperative Extension has developed an On-Farm Readiness Review program. This article helps growers walk through the next steps.
Michigan On-Farm Produce Safety Team
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