August 18th, 2020
Blueberry season is underway!
Are your workers thinking about food safety?
Your workers already understand the basics of food safety, like how to wash their hands or report to their supervisor if they are sick or injured. This video builds on what your workers already know and deals with matters that are specific to blueberries. WHY are these rules important, and what can you do to minimize the risk of contamination?
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How do you clean your harvest lugs?
Jordan DeVries
Produce Safety Technician
What’s the dirty secret about harvest lug washing? You don’t always have to be cleaning and sanitizing them after each use to be FSMA Produce Safety Rule compliant, but they do have to be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition!
What are your biggest worker training challenges?
Please choose the option that most applies to your experience.
A lot of worker turnover
Language barriers
Literacy levels
Not enough time to train
Not enough resources
Learn about the Michigan On-Farm Produce Safety Team
In this episode, you'll learn about the three organizations that make up the Michigan On-Farm Produce Safety Team, along with the free, voluntary, and confidential resources that are available to help growers with all aspects of produce safety on the farm.
Michigan On-Farm Produce Safety Team
1715 Lansing Ave, Jackson, MI 49202 | MSU Extension MACD Produce Safety Technicians
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