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February 8, 2021 - Updated
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Off-Season Produce Safety Tasks for a Successful Growing Season
Emily Hale
Produce Safety Technician
On-Farm Produce Safety is an ongoing effort. Throughout the next couple of newsletters, we'll highlight things you can work on during the off-season to make your production season safer and easier. This week, we're focusing on equipment cleaning and maintenance.
Considering an Equipment "Upgrade?" Here are Some Things to Consider!
Jordan DeVries
Produce Safety Technician
If you're considering purchasing used equipment, make sure you consider whether or not it needs to be taken apart to be easily cleaned. This is not only important to help you find bacteria hiding spots, but is also saving you labor, water and sanitizing agents.
Check Out these Resources for Maintaining Production Equipment!
Setting up New Equipment? Check Out these Resources on Hygienic Design!
Considering a hygienic design for your equipment and facilities will help you in your future cleaning, sanitizing and maintenance efforts. Check out these resources focused on Hygienic Design!
"Tech Talks" Provide Practical Solutions
for Produce Growers
Join Michigan's Produce Safety Technicians and various resource professionals for these "deep dives" into common produce safety challenges on fresh Produce Farms. Pre-registration is required!

March 18th 2021: Biofilms - Here's how to avoid them!
April 6th 2021: Wildlife Co-Management - help from the experts!
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