August 3rd, 2020
Oh Crap! How to manage your risk in crappy situations
Emily Hale
Produce Safety Technician
Oh crap! Birds have pooped on your harvest containers. What should you do? This article explores what the FSMA Produce Safety Rule and current research says on the matter!

Read more to find out why we care so much about poop, and why you should too!
Biological Soil Amendments of Animal Origin – We need not fear them!
Whether you are using treated or untreated Biological Soil Amendments of Animal Origin (BSAAOs) on your farm, the FSMA Produce Safety Rule provides guidance to help you reduce your food safety risks.

Growers sometimes feel nervous about using BSAAOs on their crops. This may be because if they are not handled properly, r aw or composted manure (and other BSAAOs) have the potential to contain food-borne pathogens (microorganisms that cause human disease). The potential for public health risk associated with the use of BSAAOs is the impetus for the detailed management and application requirements within the Produce Safety Rule. In addition, BSAAOs are one of only a few places within the Produce Safety Rule where specific records are required. No need for alarm though, we've assembled a "pile" of resources to help you organize your food safety plan and manage the treatment, application, and record keeping for the BSAAOs you use on your farm!
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New Podcast Episode: Food-Safe Compost Use
This episode features Kristin Esch, a produce safety specialist with the state of Michigan, and Brad Morgan, president and CEO of Morgan Composting. They discuss the best ways to treat, handle, and store compost or manure with regards to produce safety.
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