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AUGUST 31, 2020
The "Musts and Shoulds" of Water System Inspections!
Irrigation systems need to be constantly inspected and fixed to be kept in working order. From a food safety perspective, a number of key factors need to be considered when inspecting your water system. Watch this short video to learn more!
How do you know if your farm water sources are at risk? Inspect your system!
Jordan DeVries
Produce Safety Technician
To ensure your water system does not create a produce safety hazard on your farm, an annual water system inspection is the way to go!

This article explains what to inspect and where to find each item within your water system.
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I feel unsure/uncomfortable about taking a water sample at my farm.
The Ins and Outs of Water Testing
What does FSMA require when it comes to testing your water? How do you communicate with a lab in order to get what you need? Check out this episode of our Produce Bites podcast to learn more.
FREE Produce Safety Trainings for Growers!
Michigan State University Extension recently announced a FREE, three-week produce safety training course designed specifically for farm supervisors

The course runs from October 1 to Oct 25. Registration ends Sept. 24th.

The Michigan On-Farm Produce Safety team will offer six FREE Online Produce Safety Rule Grower Trainings this fall and winter.

Pre-registration is required and space is limited.

The UMass Extension Vegetable Program welcomes extension specialists and farmers to a series of online workshops all about water!

Michigan On-Farm Produce Safety Team
1715 Lansing Ave, Jackson, MI 49202 | MSU Extension MACD Produce Safety Technicians
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