In your honor, I pledge.....!

This past week, Nathaniel & I were in New England's beautiful Massachusetts where students from 8 middle and high schools heard me share my Holocaust story, and universal messages of tolerance and respect.

Now I would like to share with you several of the very many positive messages given to me by the students of Groton-Dunstable Regional High School in my honor, which are pictured in the large bell jar. 

In honor of your courage and resilience Ms. Lazan, this month I pledge to...

"...perform random acts of kindness for strangers..."

"...start speaking up and helping others more..."

" respectful to everyone I come across..."

"...say hello and smile to each person I confront when walking down the 
corridors of the school..."

"...stand up for those in need of help and support them as much as I can..."

"...say one nice thing to a stranger each day..."

"...stop and try to hold the door open more..."

Messages such as these are what gives me hope of peace and harmony in our world in the not too distant future!

My deepest thanks to Katie Novak, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Principal Michael Woodlock, Tammie Reynolds and Janice DeBenedictis, teachers, and most especially to the students of Groton Dunstable Regional High School!

Hugs, Marion
Marion Blumenthal Lazan
Four Perfect Pebbles
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