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From the Pastoral Care Network

Dear All,

While Gareth is still sick at home, the Wardens and a small dedicated crew are continuing to work on the weekly publication of our InCommon E-News.  This week they have asked for a report on the St. Barnabas "Pastoral Care Network" that I helped establish last week.  The need for this ministry had been creeping up on me.

By the time Gareth announced the formal suspension of church services on March 13, I had already begun to worry about the effects of "social distancing".  I missed physical contact with friends and animated, shoulder-to-shoulder conversations.  So when I heard the decision to close the doors, helping us find a way to stay linked with each other seemed like what I was called to do.  

The idea of our church having an on-line component is not new.  And since Gareth's arrival, there has been a determined effort to bring our phone and email  information up to date, and to redesign and more fully implement our website and Facebook pages.  (These efforts may have extended even further than I am aware, but I am WAY behind the curve when it comes to social media.)  You may never hear from me via Facebook but I know how to use a telephone, snail mail, and even e-mail.  And using all manner of communication in order to "be church' to one another is what the "Pastoral Care Network" is about.  To take from Gareth's words last week, although the practice of "social distancing" is in place, our collective sense of being a loving and caring congregation [must] not diminish. 

Here's how the it works.  We have an initial corps of 12 "ambassadors", each of whom was given a list of 10-12 households and asked to make contact, on behalf of The Church of St. Barnabas , once or twice a week.   If they  discover a need in the days and weeks ahead, we will try with our collective resources to provide aid.  But the Network calls are for more than "trouble-shooting" purposes.      Our  interpersonal ties are what define the character of St. Barnabas.  These repeated phone calls will strengthen bonds  as we find a way to make "social-distancing" and "self-quarantine" not be synonymous with disregard and despair. 

I   could   augment their efforts by checking in with anyone and everyone who crosses your mind.  And, as time goes on, if it seems appropriate we might switch around so that new "ambassadors" get involved.  Just as a side comment, our Ambassadors have at times had to call people they did not know.  Universally their efforts have been received with appreciation and new ties formed.  

Thank you , Gareth, for your prayer "Give us the will to persevere and the spirit of your healing love to cast out fear as you would have us do.    In your holy name we pray.  AMEN"

Peacefully yours, 
Barbara Wright

From the Wardens

We will continue to keep you updated as we get new information. 

Please join the online service provided by Christ Church this Sunday at 10am (details below).

In the meantime, here are a few reminders:

Church and Offices
We will continue to keep the buildings closed for the moment, so please let us know if there is some reason you need to enter the space.

Pastoral Emergencies
In the event of a pastoral emergency, please contact one of us. We are in touch with neighboring clergy who can provide pastoral support. Our cell numbers are below. 

Rose (347) 920-1533,
Jody (914) 844-0601,

This is an abbreviated version of our normal weekly update. We hope to return to a full edition of InCommon next Friday. In the meantime, please read the article below regarding a Sunday service videoconference:
Join Sunday Service Being Broadcast from Christ Church & San Marcos in Tarrytown
As Gareth continues on the road to recovery, we received a warm and welcoming invitation from The Rev. Susan Copley at Christ Church & San Marcos in Tarrytown to join their Morning Prayer service this Sunday, March 22, at 10:00 a.m., via Zoom videoconference. The link for accessing Zoom is below this message.
Rev. Copley is new to using this technology and cautions it may be a little rough-going to get started, but we know our parishioners will be grateful for this invitation and happy for the opportunity to be part of a service in some form as we cope with the challenges of having to be physically separated. We aim to have our own YouTube Channel with Sunday services up and running soon, too.

Zoom Information

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 914 631 2074

Dial by your location:
        +1 929 205 6099 US (New York)

Please click on this link to read along with the service: Morning Prayer.

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