November 2019

November is always a time to show gratitude and share it with others. Gratitude and charitable involvement are great ways to build happiness and deepen the realization we are interconnected during the holiday season. It’s also a great reminder to slow down at this time of year and take in all of the life that is going by. This November we are so grateful for you and the trust you place in us as we help you achieve your goals. We want to say thank you!
Donating to a nonprofit organiza tion is a wonderful way to make a positive impact on an issue that connects to your values. Identifying your passion and taking the time to research and vet a nonprofit that matches your values and interests can lead to life-long partnerships between you and the charity. Read how you can provide financial support and volunteer your time knowing you selected an organization that matches your passion, is transparent in its operations, and is fiscally responsible.

Donor advised funds can be used to create a family legacy for charitable giving and philanthropy decision making. They are generally cost effective as well as simple to set up and administer. Wendy Hartman, president of Buckingham, talks about the benefits and limitations of utilizing a donor advised fund for your charitable giving.

Teaching kids that giving gifts is even more fun and meaningful than receiving them can be a tough lesson to share. Just like you identified your values to guide your charitable giving, sit down with your kids to create family values. You might be surprised what you learn matters to them—and they gain a sense of ownership over them. Those shared values can become the North Star for your family, guiding you to live a life aligned with your values. See how Adam Grant, Ph.D. and organizational psychologist at Wharton, found creative ways to teach the importance of family values and giving with his kids. 

As family and friends gather around holiday tables, words of thanks are shared for the meal, the people we’re with, a good year, our health. Author AJ Jacobs went on a journey to extend his thanks beyond a holiday and dinner table. Watch his Ted Talk “My journey to thank all the people responsible for my morning coffee.” It’s a great reflection on practicing gratitude in all our interactions. Passing gratitude down the line to everyone helps keep you happy.

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