October 2018

Some readers prefer old-school paper books for how they feel in their hands. Some prefer e-books for the ability to carry an entire library in theirs. Whichever you prefer -- and research by the Pew Institute shows people are still picking up both -- books offer endless ways to provide education, entertainment and enlightenment. This month’s InFocus offers myriad book recommendations that can help guide your financial life and beyond. 
Tim Maurer was assigned a task: put together a list of his five favorite books from the world of personal finance. He came up with 10. In this video , Maurer, director of advisor engagement for the BAM ALLIANCE, walks us through his wide-ranging library, which includes books that focus on financial planning, behavioral economics, life planning, and a bonus pair that aren’t necessarily about money but can help change the way you look at it. 
Larry Swedroe , director of research for the BAM ALLIANCE, has written and co-written 15 books and is a prominent financial blogger who advocates the benefits of following an evidence-based investing approach. Not only is Swedroe a prolific writer, but he’s also a prolific reader. His book list for 2018 includes works of fiction and nonfiction, with genres ranging from financial to historical to suspense, with several other stops along the way.
When it comes to financial planning or life planning, there are books that help you during different stages of life.

MillennialMoney.com recommends seven books that can lay the long-term financial foundation for those who are in the early stages of their earning timeline. The article states: “These books will make you rich. Maybe not tomorrow, but you will get rich over time and have a richer relationship with money.”

Parents who have already achieved financial success often wrestle with the issue of not raising children who feel financial privilege. In “ The Opposite of Spoiled: Raising Kids Who Are Grounded, Generous and Smart About Money ,” New York Times columnist Ron Lieber offers guidance on teaching your children about the value of striking a balance among saving, spending and giving.

People often think of the financial planning that goes into a building a successful retirement. Author Alan Spector , however, views retirement through a wider lens. In Your Retirement Quest , he looks at the 10 key elements of creating a fulfilling retirement (and financial security only accounts for one item on the list). In After the Cheering Stops , Spector examines how elite athletes and career professionals can move on from busy travel schedules, closely built relationships with teammates and colleagues, and frequent tastes of success and achieve an enriching new normal in their retirement. 
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