Both studios are closed July 4 - 7!
Happy Independence Day!
Summer A classes start Monday, July 8!

Fall 2019
September 9 - December 21
(15 Weeks: Mon - Wed classes)
(14 Weeks: Thurs - Sat classes)

Registration Dates:
  • MOVE After School for one or both sessions opens July 22 at 9AM
  • Full-Year Class Enrollment opens August 1 at 9AM (Fall AND Spring)
  • Single-Session Class Enrollment opens August 12 at 9AM (Fall OR Spring)
Notes for MOVE After School
Philly InMovement (500 Kenilworth St.) will be picking up from Meredith, McCall, and Nebinger schools.

Mini InMovement (610 S. Percy St.) will be picking up from ICS and Jackson schools.

You will have the option to enroll in one or both sessions starting July 22 at 9AM.

We will run MOVE the week of Labor Day starting Tuesday September 3, classes/selected activity options will begin September 9.

If your child attends ICS or Jackson, is on the intensive track, and has placed into Gymnastics 2 or above, contact us to see what your options are.
You may notice some changes in our gymnastics programming heading into the 2019-2020 season...

After students take Introduction to Gymnastics, they can choose a more FUN BASED or SKILL BASED track depending on their goals and level of seriousness with the sport.

INTRODUCTION TO GYMNASTICS (K - 6th Grade):  This is a class developed for all new students looking to be exposed to the sport. Basic skills and terminology will be taught in a fun and engaging way. This class is for all new students who have not yet been recommended for GYM FOR FUN or tested into Intensive Gymnastics. 
NOTE: If your child is new to gymnastics or does not have a handstand, cartwheel or has no prior experience with the BARS, BEAM OR VAULT, they are an Intro student.

GYM FOR FUN 1 - 3 (K - 8th Grade): Open level, no assessment classes (FORMERLY FUNdamentals) tailored to student abilities and interests. These classes are divided by age and not ability level. Focus is on the enjoyment of learning gymnastics! This is a no pressure class, perfect for students whose goal is to progress and learn new cool skills but not interested in the seriousness of conditioning and drills required to advance to our team program.

BOYS GYMNASTICS Intro, Level 1 & 2 (K - 5th Grade) Boys can be boys in this class! Learn the basics involved in men’s gymnastics as they get exposure to rings, pommel horse and parallel bars as well as floor, vault and bars. Gain physical strength and confidence while getting out energy! First time students begin in Intro and progress through the levels through bi-monthly assessments.
Prerequisite : First time students begin in Intro unless assessed by one of our instructors placing them in 1 or 2

TUMBLING (K - 5th Grade): This all-level NEW class is for the boy or girl that loves to tumble but isn’t interested in engaging in the other aspects of gymnastics. Class will be divided by skill level, goals will be set and focus on basic cartwheels through to handsprings and tucks, depending on abilities.

REC TEAM:  A challenging class for advanced students with the ability to be in our team program that are not interested in a competitive experience or the level of commitment required but still want the challenge and bonding.
Prerequisite : Invitation only. 

GYMNASTICS Levels 1,2,and 3 (K - 7th Grade):  Gymnasts work on developing skills on vault, bars, balance beam and floor exercise through a progressive and mindful curriculum. Each level provides the building blocks for proper technique, strength and skill development needed to advance into our competitive team program. Self discipline, taking corrections, repetition and hard work are expected while students gain confidence and skill. 
Prerequisite: placement into class by one of our instructors either through taking INTRO or assessment.

If your child is a current student and you have questions about which track to pursue, don't hesitate to reach out...

Questions? Send an email to !
ASSESSMENTS : Not sure where your child would be best placed?
Come to one of our upcoming Assessment Days:

Tuesday July 16th 5:30-6:30pm
Saturday July 20th 1:00-2:00pm
Monday July 29th 3:30-4:30pm

Spots are limited.
CALL studio at (267) 239-0844 to reserve.

If the times listed do not work for you, call us to schedule an appointment.
Philly InMovement
500 Kenilworth St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(267) 239-0844
Mini InMovement
610 S. Percy St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147
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