May 15th, 2020
By Jeff Adair, Editor

A touchless bundle solution which converts vending machines into units which offer a touchless cashless option is available from InOne Technology and Vagabond .  The bundle can be field installed in 15 minutes, according to Ryan Ostendorf, VP of Product Development at InOne Technology.

The software combines InOne’s OneBoard vending machine upgrade kits with Vagabond’s vīv cashless technology to make it possible for consumers to make a purchase without any machine contact except at the product delivery door.  According to Ostendorf, operators, site managers or route drivers can easily sanitize the delivery door which could alleviate consumer concerns about machine cleanliness. 

The product was developed by the two companies in response to customer demand given the current health environment.  The bundled package comes with support manuals. InOne says it offers live customer support within an hour of being requested. 

If a vending machine already has Vagabond software Ostendorf said no new software is needed. All that is needed is to install one or two components depending upon the current configuration of the machine.

Vending machines have been in existence for over 100 years now and they have gone from being machines that offer beverages and snacks to offer products that we use at home or work daily.

MagexUSA  has taken the next step into the 21st century because their retailing kiosks offer a traditional retail experience without the customer having to visit a store. 
In 2020, automated kiosks have become more important than ever before because Coronavirus has been responsible for closing many businesses around the world or cutting store hours.

This change in how business is done has made automated vending kiosks more important because of kiosks like the automatic retailing vending kiosks by Magex, make it easy for consumers to get the products that they need without having to interact with other people and risk spreading the virus.

Multiple Vending Kiosks To Choose From

It doesn’t matter if you own a shopping mall, grocery store, or retail location, Magex offers six different vending kiosks to choose from which include the Colosseo, Big Store, Alaska, Easy 9, Easy 14 and library vending kiosk. 

Since Coronavirus, companies around the world have been searching for ways to maintain productivity while cutting costs and following social distancing. Thankfully, when it comes to the delivery of the products that their employees use daily, locker storage style vending machines are the answer.

With a vending style storage locker, an employee can easily gain access to the items that they may need to use regularly without having to interact with an IT department or another person.

How does it work? Let’s say that John works for Apple and needs a new mouse for his laptop, he can easily go to a locker storage vending machine to get the mouse that he needs without having to first send a request to his IT department just to get a new mouse.

What’s even better is that locker storage style vending machines can also be used in companies that need quick access to protective equipment like latex gloves eye gear so that employees stay safe in the jobs that they are going. 

MEDIA2: Powerful Performance. Engaging Experience.

Digital Advertising, Remote Management, Custom Storefront, Healthy Solutions.

If you own vending machines, you know that increasing sales can sometimes be a complicated process. Thanks to Crane Merchandising Systems Media2 vending machine, vending owners can get more ROI from their vending routes.

Media2 is a state-of-the-art vending machine that’s created to generate more sales for vending machine owners thanks to the design of their vending machines and Crane’s Media2 advertising platform that helps customers to make more product choices.

40% Higher Sales Than Traditional Vending Machines 

When investing in a Crane Media2 vending machine, you will enjoy 40% higher sales than traditional cashless machines because this vending machine will advertise specific products at the point of sale, (first loop) and even while the customer is paying for their product so that no last–minute sales are missed.

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