February 2021

News from the Province

The reports from the January Executive Council meeting are now online:

From Rev. Lillian Davis-Wilson

From Canon Noreen Duncan

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The election of officers and other key positions will occur at the Provincial Synod. The Synod will be held virtually on Thursday, April 22 in the morning (Eastern Time) and Friday, April 23 in the morning (Eastern Time). The schedule along with other key information will be posted on the Synod page on the website.

News from our 12 dioceses


Bishop Love's Farewell Service Rescheduled - Join us virtually for a celebration of the ministry of The Rt. Rev. William H. Love February 27, 2021 at 1 p.m. Bishop Bill will be the celebrant and preacher. Due to COVID restrictions this service is not open to the public but it will be live streamed from the Diocesan YouTube Channel and Facebook page.


Central New York

Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe

Costituzione del CCCF 17 a Firenze in Barttistero il gennaio 2021.png

The January 26, 2021 issue of the Convocation's newsletter focused on ecumenical events in Europe. One of these was from Florence, Italy: The Rev Richard Easterling (second from the left) had been in Florence for less than a month when he attended a noteworthy televised event. On the chilly evening of January 17th in the Florence Baptistery the signing ceremony for the Council of Christian Churches of Florence occurred. Read more >



Havana (CNN)Cuba took a long-awaited and likely irreversible step towards massively expanding the island's private sector over the weekend.

On Saturday, Cuba's communist-run government announced that Cubans will soon be able to seek employment or start businesses in most fields of work. Read the article >



[Port-au-Prince, January 25, 2021] – The United States government, via the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), gave $6.5 million for the construction of a new solar power plant at the Caracol Industrial Park. This solar power plant will improve access to electricity services for tenants at the Caracol Industrial Park (PIC) and 14,000 residential customers in the surrounding communities and will lower overall electricity costs. This large renewable solar energy program initiated by IDB, to which USAID is contributing, will finance the construction of two solar power plants inside the PIC, an 8 MW plant and a 4 MW plant, with a construction value of $23 million. Find out more >

Long Island

Bp Bill still wide copy.png

In a series of four videos, Bishop Bill Franklin, Assisting Bishop of Long Island and Historian, explores tumultuous moments in history that forced the Church to rethink its worship and which still have great influence on the present-day Episcopal Church: the Reformation, the American Revolution, and the Industrial Revolution. The full video series is available here:

New Jersey

The Christian Life: The Holy Eucharist, is the fifth installment in the Foundations of Faith video series from the Diocese of New Jersey. In today's discussion, the Rev. Canon Dr. Kara Slade, Canon Theologian for the Diocese, speaks with the Rev. Dr. Joel Daniels, Rector of The Nevil Memorial Church of St. George, Ardmore, PA. Do you participate in the Eucharist every Sunday, but you’re still not sure what’s going on? You aren’t alone. Dr. Daniels explores the Eucharist more deeply in this episode.

New York


NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- It's a familiar sound inside Midtown's Church of the Incarnation, violins, the organ, and song fills the sanctuary every Sunday. But, the empty pews, camera equipment, is all new said Reverend Adrian Dannhauser."We have more viewers on YouTube than we would have in the pews, by far, so our reach has grown," Rev. Dannhauser said.

With COVID cases on the rise, the Episcopal Diocese of New York actually recommended that the Church of the Incarnation suspend in-person services, at least for the time being, but that has not stopped Rev. Dannhauser from connecting with her community. Read the whole story >



We tried out Faith Groups - here's what happened

By: The Rev. Canon Margo Peckham Clark

Friday evening, January 29 and Saturday morning, January 30, people from all around our diocese gathered electronically to listen, try out, and learn about the practice of small Faith Groups. Well over two-thirds of our parishes were represented and there was a lot of excitement around how this practice might help us to deepen community and connect people to God and each other through Christ. In this time, when it isn’t possible to gather in the same physical space, new connections were made while trying this practice that goes all the way back to Jesus and the first disciples. Read more >



In response to the incident last week with the Rochester police officers handcuffing and pepper spraying the 9 year-old girl, area faith leaders including those in our Diocese addressed their concerns in this letter to the City of Rochester’s Interim Police Chief Cynthia Herriott-Sullivan, Mayor Lovely A. Warren, and City Council President Loretta C. Scott.

You can read the letter here >

The news story of the event: (CNN)

Virgin Islands

Message from the Episcopal Bishop of the Virgin Islands

The Episcopal Dioceses of Western New York & Northwestern Pennsylvania

Feast of Absalom Jones Celebration on February 14 Sponsored by the Bishop Holly Chapter of UBE

On February 14 from 5 to 6 p.m., the Bishop Holly Chapter of the Union of Black Episcopalians will host an online celebration of the Feast of Absalom Jones.

The Rev. Dominique C. Atchison, MDiv, ordained in the United Church of Christ (UCC) and director of faith engagement for the First Lady of the City of New York, will preach. Atchison is the creator and curator of the Anti-Racist Devotional .

Register to participate in the Zoom webinar . This event will also be broadcast live on YouTube and on the Bishop Holly UBE Facebook page .

Opportunities, Grants, Resources

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  • Absalom Celebration website in the Diocese of New York
  • UPCOMING WORKSHOP - Mission Possible: Finding Your Congregation's WHY
  • Choose Well, a new podcast series
  • Guidelines Developed for Amending Church Records for Identity Changes
  • Feb 18   Using Saints and Holy Days to Teach the Faith at Home Webinar
  • Feb 20   Mission Possible: Finding Your Congregation’s WHY
  • Feb 25   Writing as a Spiritual Practice 
  • Mar 18   Ministry After COVID: What have we learned? What comes next? Webinar
  • Jul 13-15 Save the date for eFormation: Dwelling Places for God


  • United Thank Offering Grants
  • 2021 ECF Fellowship Partners Program
  • Care of Creation Grants
  • Becoming Beloved Community grants
  • 2021- 2022 Conant Grants


  • The National Altar Guild Association
  • TryTank
  • Episcopal Migration Ministries offers daily Lenten devotional series
  • Life Transformed - The Way of Love in Lent revised for 2021

Provincial Council

Contact Information

President: The Rev. Dahn Dean Gandell (Rochester) - on a leave of absence

Vice-President: The Rt. Rev. Dr. DeDe Duncan-Probe (Central New York )

Secretary: Canon Paul Ambos, Esq. (NJ)

Treasurer: Canon Phyllis Jones (NJ)

Provincial Coordinator: Ms. Neva Rae Fox (NJ)

Lay Representative to Executive Council: Canon Noreen Duncan (NJ)

Clerical Representative to Provincial Council: The Rev. Johnnie E. Ross (Rochester)

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