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American Legion
License Plate Project

A s of March 18, 2015 (Post Department Spring Conference) we are at 294 plates with only 156 to go! Please sign up today for your own Virginia American Legion License Plate! 

Leadership College

The aim of this Leadership College is to prepare attendees to easily answer questions about the American Legion Family and to have a good understanding of who is eligible, who we serve and why our organization exists.

Legion Riders
Run to the  Thunder 

May 22nd-24th,2015

Make American Legion Fairfax Post 177 your choice this Memorial Day as the center of your weekend for Rolling Thunder activities!

Once again we are pleased to be joined this year by the American Legion Emblem Sales store, who will set up inside our Post from Thursday through Sunday morning.
and By-Laws

April 1st  2015 

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the American Legion Department of Virginia's i-legionnaire, our new digital newsletter. We are interested in hearing from you. Should you have events to be published here, please email:


should you have ideas, comments or items to be included or discussed. Please email:


Commander's Message

Well, it looks like the winter is finally leaving us and the spring weather should be fully upon us very shortly.
As your Department Commander, I have been looking at ways to not only increase our membership, but also to improve communication with our current members.  You will recall that I requested that each Legionnaire recruit one new member this year.  When a Legionnaire becomes a member of a local post, we should engage the member in American Legion activities and programs. It is imperative that we keep the member informed of what our great organization accomplishes, not only in the local community but also at the state and national level.  Well, I am pleased to inaugurate our new member communication tool, the Department of Virginia's " i-newsletter ". 

Our Department Adjutant Dale Chapman will explain a little more about our desires and expectations for this new channel of communication.
As we prepare for upcoming events; Memorial Day, the Department and National Conventions, I would like to encourage each of you to assist your Post and District in growing membership. Often times, many of the people you work with or associate with on a daily basis are eligible for membership, but have simply not been asked to join.
Our Membership Chairman, Lewis Field will address the specifics of our membership but I would like take this opportunity to thank you all for your hard work this year, not only on membership but on all of the Legion Programs and Post Activities that you have put your heart and soul into.
Our Organization is what it is because of our members.  I could not be more proud of the great members of the Department of Virginia.
For God and Country
Gerald Rhoads
Department Commander 2014-2015

Adjutant's Message

Here at Department Headquarters, we are all excited about our new communication vehicle to disseminate information to our members, the



As we ramp up membership and activities on our way to our 100th year Anniversary of the founding of The American Legion, we will be relying on all types of methods of communicating with you, our members.


This i-newsletter is envisioned as a forward looking tool for Post and District Leadership to spread the word to all in the Department about upcoming activities and events. Many Posts and Districts do so much to advance the principles of the Four Pillars, and this will be one way that we can relate and communicate those events and programs to all in the Department more efficiently than we can through printed media. We have set up an email address specifically for you to email those items you would like included in the next transmission of the i-newsletter. That email address is




We hope the i-newsletter will become a useful tool for all to be made aware of what is going on around the Department of Virginia. 


There are Hyper Links to important information contained on web pages at the Department, National and elsewhere. 


For example, click on this sentence and you will be taken to the Department Website. 


Click on this sentence and you will be taken to the Department Facebook Page.


The frequency of transmission will be driven by you, our members. Please let us know how often you would like to receive our i-newsletter coming to your email inbox. It is our hope that this will be viewed as a valuable tool to communicate important information to you, our members, about the Department of Virginia, our National Headquarters and other issues important to all of us as Veterans. 


I would like to hear from you if you have some specific ideas or comments on items to be included or items that you feel will be of specific interest, please email




I will see you all at the upcoming Department Convention in Roanoke. Click on this sentence for the Registration Packet.


Dale Chapman

Department Adjutant

Membership Message

The membership report as of March 25th, 2015 can be downloaded by clicking this sentence.

Department Vice Commander A.B. Brown remains in the lead with 91.625% of goal. Following closely are Department Vice Commander Cardwell in the West with 90.892% and Department Vice Commander Steward in the East with 90.566%.


9th District Commander Linkous moved up two places in the rankings with 2% growth. 15th District Commander Hillyard and 13th District Commander Dudley both came in with right around 1% growth. The 15th District's movement is with assistance and thanks to Post Commanders Schweigert and Funk of Post 22 and Post 53 respectively, both reaching 100% of goal. The Western Regions retaking of second place was assisted by Post Commanders Fritz (Post 260) and Richardson (Post 78) both also attaining 100% of goal.


If your post has not had an opportunity to recruit new members, please get in touch with the District or Department Membership Team to see how we can assist you. Without members, you cannot keep your programs running to assist our Veterans and YOUR Community.


Remember, you must put ACTION TO YOUR INTENTIONS.


I am here to assist, please give me a call or send me an email so I can help with your membership.


Lewis Field

Department Membership Chairman

Convention Committee


Legionnaires, it was a pleasure to see so many of you at our Dept. Conf. few weeks ago in Virginia Beach.


We are excited about our upcoming Department Convention in Roanoke to be held July 16th through July 19th in Roanoke. The Legion will be headquartered at the Sheraton Hotel and the Auxiliary Headquarters will be at the Holiday Inn. 


The Roanoke Convention Chairman, Cecil Doss, and his convention committee have made some great plans. There will be a Golf Tournament at the Hanging Rock Golf Club, followed by a Meet and Greet Dinner, including some great entertainment, in the Allegheny Room of the Holiday Inn, on Thursday, July 16th. On Friday night,  there will be a dance and Luau on the outside patio at the Sheraton and on Saturday night, the Banquet will  be held in the Sheraton Ballroom, followed by a Karaoke Party and Dance in the Allegheny Room at the Holiday Inn. 


During our Conference in Virginia Beach, we discussed future Conferences and Conventions and the types of events and meetings that would be most interesting to you, our members.  There were a number of ideas brought forward and we would like to hear from you and ask your opinion. What would you like to see at the Department Conferences and Conventions? For example, one popular idea mentioned was to have Child Care services available on site. There was also discussion about having some more training or workshops on various topics.  Please feel free to email me your ideas, comments, questions or concerns relating to the makeup of our future Department Conferences and Conventions. 


I have set up and email address specifically for your input. Please email me at VAConvention@gmail.com


I look forward to seeing you at the Department Convention in Roanoke. You can download a registration packet by clicking this sentence.


Ron Miluszewski, Chairman

Department Convention Committee




Post History Contest

Celebration Workbook

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