Issue: #2

Kinda-Sorta Holiday Beer Class



Our Inaugural Beer Tasting Class!

(This time with Cheese!)


Here at Sunset Beer Company, we plan to host many beer tasting classes, but we can only have one first! For this one we will be exploring some of our favorite year-round beers along with some of the best for the holidays. And they'll be paired with cheese!


A little about that whole cheese thing: When most people think about cheese they think about wine. Yet most of the cheese experts I've met swear that beer is a much better match. So we'll be exploring just how great of a match they can be. Hurry up though, as this is already filling-up very quickly!



The line-up is still secret,   

but you can expect to taste and learn about:


Gouden Carolus Noel

Alesmith Yulesmith

Avec Les Bons Voeux de la Brasserie Dupont

Port Santa's Little Helper


 . . . and maybe some rarities from our cellar!



Kinda-Sorta Holiday Beer Class

Tuesday, November 29th 

$35/person or $60/couple 

7-9 pm



Sunset Beer Company

1498 Sunset Blvd., #3

Echo Park, California 90026



(213) 481-2337

[email protected] 


Brooklyn Brewshops's
Beer Making Kits Are Here!
So say you've always wanted to make your own beer but didn't know where to start.  Maybe you were afraid your beer-nerd friend would make fun of you. Maybe you were afraid of making really shitty beer.  Maybe you were just afraid of the inevitable boil over on your stovetop and the ensuing smell throughout the house. 
Well don't worry, we have the solution.   An easy to use beer making kit with everything you need to make a a gallon of tasty beer and then not share it with your mean beer-nerd friend.

Kit Includes:
1 gallon glass fermenter
3 piece chambered airlock
Screw top stopper
12" laboratory thermometer
4' clear plastic tubing (ooooooh, tubing)
Tubing clamp
Racking cane
Your choice of three recipes w/ingredients: Jalapeno Saison,  Everyday IPA, Bourbon Dubbel, or Chocolate Maple Porter

$45.00 /kit

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